Mars Wrigley UK brings internationally successful M&M’S® Block to the UK alongside new M&M’S® Salted Caramel

Following the international success of M&M’S® Block in the US and Australia, Mars Wrigley UK has today announced it will bring four brand-new M&M’S® block variants to the UK market this month – Chocolate, Crispy, Hazelnut and Peanut.

Considered the brand’s biggest launch in a decade, the four M&M’S® Block variants will contain mini M&M’S® alongside pieces of peanut, hazelnut or crispy and will be encased in delicious milk chocolate.

By bringing together Block – the biggest chocolate segment[1] – with the biggest chocolate brand in the world, M&M’S® aims to drive new consumers to the segment.

Cordelia Linacre, M&M’S® Senior Brand Manager, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be launching M&M’S® Block into the UK market this year. We know that Block is the biggest segment in chocolate however, block currently under-indexes in under 35s, while M&M’S® over-indexes in this demographic[2]. We are therefore confident that with the UK launch of M&M’S® Block we will win over new consumers. 

“Following a successful launch in Australia, M&M’s Block was introduced in the US in December 2019, delivering a massive $31m in just six months. Block’s success in other markets alongside the consistently strong growth of M&M’s in the UK gives us great confidence that this product will be a hit with retailers and consumers alike.” 

M&M’S® Block will launch exclusively in Tesco stores from July 17th, before becoming available market wide later this summer. Supporting the release, a £1.4m above-the-line campaign will be launched with a British adaption of the brand’s successful 2018 Super Bowl commercial.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there; M&M’S® is also launching a brand-new SKU – M&M’S® Salted Caramel. Exclusive to Europe, the new and innovative product M&M’S® Salted Caramel will be available in three different sizes for consumers to enjoy – pouch, treat bag and singles.

By bringing together one of the biggest taste trends in chocolate with the world’s #1 chocolate brand, M&M’S® Salted Caramel is set to revolutionise the bitesize category, the fastest growing segment in chocolate[3]. Salted caramel is a major trend across snacking categories and the fastest growing consumer taste in chocolate, growing at +32%[4].

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[2] Vs total confectionery, Nielsen Homescan. 52 w.e 21 Apr 2018

[3] Growth in salted caramel within chocolate MAT ending July 2018

[4] Total Coverage | Total Caramel Variants Value Growth (£m) Nielsen Scantrack MAT to 06.04.19

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