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Exceptionally powerful.  Unusually compact. Costs 20% less to run… and offers unique indoors-outdoors performance.

FBPNT-MINAPP-HIWEB-11-PWhy wouldn’t you want one?!

If there’s a more powerful, more productive and more cost-effective electric counterbalance forklift than the Mitsubishi EDiA EM, it’s yet to be invented, claims Mike Jones of UK importer Red Diamond Distribution.

And, because it’s the most driveable and intuitive electric truck on the market, the operator knows s/he is in total control – whatever the circumstances.

What’s more, because EDiA delivers market-leading lifting performance, the model specified is truly capacity-specific to each individual application… So it’s more economical to obtain and operate – as well as being much more compact than any rival… making it more nimble in confined spaces with much less risk of damage to stock, premises or people.

With the emphasis on economy as well as driveability, the EDiA EM employs an ingenious direct, on-demand supply for its power-assisted steering – making it 20% more efficient than leading competitors. That’s significant because it means longer – often double-shift working and lower running costs

EDiA: The most versatile truck in the world?

Recognised in the Annual Awards for Excellence, the Mitsubishi EDiA is the first truck genuinely capable of working indoors or outside – without any compromise.

Wet, dirty or salty workplaces are no problem, thanks to sealed wet disc brakes. Moreover EDiA is the first truck to meet the stringent IPX4 waterproofing standard – making it impervious not only to wind-blown rain but to water splashing from all directions.

Moving indoors, integral brakes that eliminate brake dust make EDiA the perfect truck for clean environments such as pharmaceutical and food industries. Likewise in engineering applications where its compact size and super-tight turning provide the agility required for close-proximity working.

Featuring a rapid lateral battery exchange option for the quickest, safest changeover, EDiA is an obvious choice for RDCs… whilst also meeting the multi-faceted requirements of one or two truck users – such as small warehouses – because it performs equally well outdoors as a yard truck and indoors where a towering 7m lift means it can easily double as a reach truck.

The result of more than two decades of independent research proving that the single most important factor in increasing the productivity of a forklift truck is ‘driveability’, EDiA is, above all, an operator’s truck.

Exceptionally intuitive with great proportionality, drivers overwhelmingly report that “everything feels exactly right… the truck feels reassuring robust and planted… the functions have exactly the right weight and ‘feel’… the power assisted steering is nicely progressive so it feels just like a car…” (Note: excessive power steer makes the steering too loose – making some trucks almost impossible to drive in a straight line!)

Mitsubishi uses the term ‘ErgoCentric’ for its approach to meeting drivers’ needs. This is reflected, for example, in a particularly large, flat and uncluttered cabin space with vision through the mast described by operators as “fantastic”.

Close attention has been paid to every detail in the design and positioning of each control, such as the hydraulic levers which generate precise movements that boost driver confidence and competence. Buyers can also opt for a revolutionary new fingertip control unit, which ensures the operators arm is fully supported right to the heel of the hand – a major breakthrough in avoiding repetitive strain injuries.

In some ways EDiA actually ‘thinks’ for the driver. Having pioneered hydraulic and travel interlock technology in its Integrated Presence System (IPS), Mitsubishi has equipped EDiA with the upgraded IPS2. This prevents all movement if the driver is not seated and gives seat belt and parking brake reminders.

For extra security, IPS2 automatically applies an electronic parking brake when the driver leaves the seat. And when the truck is being driven, a hill hold/anti-roll-back feature prevents accidental rolling – even on steep ramps.

The much-heralded Mitsubishi Controlled Cornering System (CCS) optimises travel speed for each turning angle. EDiA is also fully programmable, allowing performance parameters to be easily adjusted to meet the precise needs of each operator and task. Importantly, a range of simple settings can be selected instantly by the driver via the new, multi-function, colour display unit.

“If there is a better three or four wheel electric truck on the market than EDiA, I have yet to see it,” sums up Mike Jones. “It is a class leader in so many different aspects of performance – from sheer lifting power to energy efficiency, drivability to operation in any environment – so it’s no surprise that EDiA is proving every bit as popular with major fleet users as with SMEs.  What’s not to love?”

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