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The Millbrook Dairy Company has achieved remarkable growth in its third year of trading reporting a 30% increase in turnover in 2021/2022 compared to the previous year with revenues up from £20m to £26m.

The company, which was founded in 2019 by respected dairy industry experts, David Evans and Kevin Beer, supplies a diverse range of premium quality British and Irish cheese and butter to a growing home market and international customer base in the USA, China, Canada, South America and Australia.

Kevin Beer, Co-founder of Millbrook Dairy Company said:

“It has been an extraordinary journey for us at Millbrook Dairy Company.

“When we set up the company back in 2019 it was just David and I. Now we have a team of 10. Back in those early days, we focused on developing our proposition and building up our supplier and customer base.

“Alongside dealing with a global pandemic in 2020 we began to develop the team and broaden our product portfolio and export capability, in readiness for Brexit.

“2021 saw the launch of our 1057 Scottish Extra Mature Cheddar brand aimed at the North American and UK markets and we have seen this significant investment drive a 71% increase in value in 2021/2022 compared to 2020/2021.”

“We’re especially proud of this growth as 2021 was a challenging year for Millbrook Dairy Company, as indeed it was for many businesses in the sector.  Not only had we invested in our 1057 Scottish Extra Mature Cheddar brand and recruited new team members, we had to take on board the increased transport and shipping costs resulting from global supply chain problems.

“These investments, however, paid dividend as the business saw volume and turnover increase significantly, as the food service sector recovered from Covid, and dairy prices continued to rise”.

Today the business is continuing to grow by investing in new areas of commercial capability, and in particular selling butter into the foodservice sector.  In 2021/2022 Millbrook Dairy Company sold over 8700mt tonnes of cheese in compared to 7234mt tonnes of cheese in 2020/2021, an increase of 20%.

David Evans, Co-founder of Millbrook Dairy Company added:

“It’s been quite a ride over the last four years, but we’re excited for what’s to come next. For 2023 our aim is simply to continue to grow in terms of tonnage, turnover and on-track profitability.”

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