Today, Mars Petcare UK launches CRAVE™, a new Super Premium Ancestral petfood brand which is inspired by the food wildcats and wolves would naturally eat in the wild.

CRAVErecipes are high in protein with high animal content (60% animal content in dry and 65% in wet), and are made without grains. All products in the range are complete and balanced, and made with high quality ingredients for great tasting recipes that dogs and cats will love.

Charlotte Pask, Senior Brand Manager for CRAVE explains that the range has been developed in response to growing consumer demand for more natural products and reflects the human eating trends that pet owners want to see within the petfood category:  

“Eating a natural diet is a growing human food trend, and one that translates to petfood as owners demand the same quality for their pets as they would choose for themselves. Within this, a paleo diet that is high in protein and meat is particularly popular. The equivalent in pet food is an ‘Ancestral’ diet – meaning food that is inspired by what wildcats and wolves would naturally eat in the wild. We know how much dogs and cats love meat, which is why we’ve created CRAVE™. CRAVEcombines high quality ingredients and high animal content to offer pets a diet that’s truest to their ancestral roots. 

Ancestral diets are projected to drive a third of the growth of the natural pet food market in the next three years.[1] The Ancestral concept is new to the Grocery channel so we’re excited to be able to offer a proposition to tap into this white space. Not only is CRAVEgreat for pets but it will drive growth in the category through premiumisation.”

The CRAVE range, which includes 9 SKUs across cat dry and wet, dog dry and wet, cat treats and dog treats, is available now.

[1] Mars market projections 2018, based on current category growth from Nielsen.

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