Leerdammer®, the UK’s No.1 branded cheese slice[1], has announced the launch of new 100% recyclable packaging for all Original and Light Slice Packs.

Continuing to dominate the CSR offering within the traditionally very private label, and price driven, natural slices category; this latest announcement builds on Leerdammer’s® Free Grazing Promise.

A category first which launched in 2018, the Leerdammer® Free Grazing Promise ensures every single slice of Leerdammer cheese sold is made from milk which comes from free-grazing cows[i].

The new packaging announcement builds on the brands CSR commitments & credentials. The 100% recyclable claim will be proudly featured on all Original and Light Slice packs. This messaging will be on both the front and back of packs, with the official OPRL logo defining the packs as ‘widely recycled’ and more consumer information will also be available on the reverse of the back label.

The move to being 100% recyclable will mean the equivalent of 1.5 million plastic bottles will now be able to be recycled, per year, in the UK. Furthermore, the packs will also be made from 24% already recycled materials, and the brand is currently looking at increasing this percentage further.

Marking another step in Leerdammer’s® continued commitment to brand responsibility, following the success of the Free Grazing Promise, the announcement further demonstrates significant investment from the brand in CSR initiatives.

Gaelle Vernet, Group Brand Manager says, “For the modern consumer, it’s not simply taste and price driving purchase decisions. With popular culture highlighting the environmental impact of the food industry, from animal welfare and food wastage, to recyclable packaging, the ethical consumer is looking for brands that go the extra mile. The launch of 100% recyclable packaging, alongside our Free Grazing Promise, further highlights our commitment to help consumers make informed purchase decisions, something we believe can add real value and differentiation to the highly commoditised cheese category. As we switch to 100% recyclable packaging across all Original and Light Slice Packs, a new pack design will also be rolled out for the brand, engineered to modernise and drive taste credentials, with additional windows to enable consumers to view the cheese. In research conducted by Leerdammer, 80% of respondents claimed the new design was more appetising[ii].”

This initiative not only displays positive CSR credentials, but also features a re-design at the same time. The new packaging includes two “windows”, allowing consumers to clearly view the cheese slices within, to modernise and drive taste credentials. Internal research has shown that 80% of respondents said the new design made the product appear more appetising[1], which is another positive step for Leerdammer®.

Leerdammer® slices are available in Original and Light variants in convenient resealable packs of 8 slices with an RRP of £1.75

[1] Nielsen Total market MAT May 2018

[i] Cows graze in the fields when weather permits – for a minimum of 6 hours a day, for 120 days a year

[ii] AltoConsulting Leerdammer Research, August 2018

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