Prices seem to be soaring in the supermarkets particularly on products such as branded tin tomatoes where 4 tins can cost as much as £4.70. KTC is not such a brand and although its products are still of the finest quality their prices are not sky rocketing, with 400g tins of plum and chopped tomatoes selling for as little as 39p each.

5013635312146_T1Like other premium quality branded tomatoes KTC’s are lovingly grown in the Puglia region of Italy, where there is an abundance of highly fertile arable land with rich soil that imparts flavour. Once they are fully developed the tomatoes are hand picked to preserve the product and maintain its flavour. For their plum tomatoes KTC only buy the finest Lungo tomatoes which boast a rich red appearance and a wonderful full flavour that is typical of the variety and the region.

KTC don’t grow their tomatoes in greenhouses or use mechanised cultivation technology. They are grown in sun drenched fields, as they have been for generations, where the cherished Italian tomatoes are guaranteed sun, fertile soil and the knowledge and dedication taken by the small holding farmers that KTC choose to buy from rather than the huge conglomerates.

KTC (Edibles) Ltd, founded in 1971, is probably best known in the UK as the largest family owned manufacturer and distributor of high quality cooking oils and fats, supplying over 250 million litres a year. In fact KTC now offers in excess of 3,000 lines, from tinned pulses, tomatoes through to gram flour and spices, as well as the popular Caribbean brand Sea Isle. Operating from a purpose built 240,000 sq ft warehouse in Wednesbury and a second 80,000 sq ft plant in Liverpool, KTC is a formidable supplier to the grocery trade.

KTC is available at Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and quality Independents.

KTC (Edibles) Ltd

Paresh Mehta, Commercial Director

Tel: 0121 505 9200


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