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Leading UK manufacturer of decorative and protective shredded papers, Kite Packaging, is thrilled to announce the addition of several vibrant new colours to their range ahead of peak season.

The comprehensive range, now including options in lemon, pale blue, coffee, turquoise, purple, orange, dove grey, and spruce, is set to enhance the world of gift packaging, offering unmatched performance and aesthetics.

Used commonly for ecommerce orders where presentation is of the utmost importance, Kite’s zigzag shredded papers facilitate safe transportation while creating a memorable unboxing experience for the end customer.

The 4mm concertina-style shreds have great holding power and cushioning quality, fitting nicely into tight corners and crevices, to prevent internal movement and reduce the chances of damage occurring.

These shredded papers are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, coming from sustainably managed resources as evidenced by their FSC certification. They are produced at a carbon neutral site in the UK, granting premium delivery and unboxing experiences without causing environmental harm.

As the only UK-based manufacturer of shredded paper tailored for the gift packaging market, Kite Packaging continues to set industry standards for innovation, excellence and quality.

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