gew-mediumFamily bread brand Kingsmill is the first bread manufacturer in the UK to use the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label. Kingsmill’s Great Everyday White, Tasty Wholemeal and 50/50 sub-brands will carry the Carbon Reduction Label in stores from the end of June, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint with the Carbon Trust.

The results of a Carbon Trust study, which looked at Kingsmill’s best-selling sub-brands,  was conducted in accordance with PAS 2050 & Footprint Expert™ and revealed that both Kingsmill Great Everyday White and Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal have a carbon footprint of 1.3kg CO2e per loaf, and that Kingsmill 50/50 has a footprint of 1.2kg CO2e.

The three sub-brands included in the study were chosen as they represent 80% of the brand’s volume sales.

The study provided a complete picture, identifying a number of areas which impacted upon carbon emissions within the total supply chain including growing wheat for flour, all other ingredients and packaging, baking, distribution, storage, consumption and disposal  for each of the representative sub-brands. Kingsmill has now committed to reducing its carbon footprint with the Carbon Trust, and going forward the brand will be looking at measures which can be introduced to reduce total carbon emissions.

Within the business, possible measures include the installation of flange and valve insulation in boiler rooms and on pipe work, further work to reduce compressed air usage, installation of more fuel efficient boilers to reduce carbon emissions from gas and electricity usage, and the introduction of low emissions Euro V vehicles alongside the use of Adblue diesel saving additives in the existing transport fleet.

To raise consumer awareness and understanding of the Carbon Reduction Label, Kingsmill’s partnership with the Carbon Trust will be supplemented by an extensive PR campaign, with widespread on-pack support with the Carbon Reduction Label featured on all Kingsmill Great Everyday White, Tasty Wholemeal and 50/50 packs.

Mark Fairweather, Kingsmill’s CEO comments, “We’re extremely committed as a brand, to understanding the principles of carbon footprinting and identify areas we can improve upon to reduce the environmental impact of our bakery products. This is what our consumers expect and we believe is our responsibility as a major brand to fulfil.

“Displaying the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label on our three best-selling sub-brands is a big step in communicating our environmental commitment in an effective and meaningful way to customers and consumers. We believe it’s important that they understand that Kingsmill is wholly committed to reducing its carbon footprint with the Carbon Trust.

“Since the Kingsmill brand’s relaunch in 2007, we’ve been working to decentralise the bakery network which has not only allowed us to increase our regional commercial focus but has also resulted in a reduction of carbon emissions of 8,000 tonnes. However, we are determined to do more and that is why we’ve been working closely with the Carbon Trust since November ’08 to quantify, reduce and communicate the carbon footprint for each of our three best-selling sub-brands and achieve our goal of operating in a responsible and sustainable way.”

Euan Murray, Carbon Trust’s Carbon Footprinting General Manager, adds, “There is a carbon cost to everything we consume, every day, starting with the slice of toast we have for breakfast. It has always been our goal to get leading consumer brands to carbon footprint their products so we’re delighted to have Kingsmill on board.

“As the first company in this sector to carry the Carbon Reduction Label, Kingsmill is reassuring its customers that it is taking active steps to reduce the carbon impact of the bread that they buy. This is another clear sign that major grocery brands understand that consumers care about their carbon reduction credentials.”

Kingsmill bread is available from all major supermarkets and retail outlets, and is baked with no artificial preservatives or flavours.

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