On February 10th, 2021, family-owned brand Jimmy’s Iced Coffee will launch into Co-op for the first time ever, unveiling their new can format of hero products Original and Mocha. The infinitely recyclable aluminium cans will hit the shelves of close to 1500 national Co-operative stores and 182 Southern Co-op stores, is set to be a RTD success for the convenience retailer.

Jimmy’s Original and Mocha will debut in Co-op with 250ml slim, two-tone cans, echoing the style of Jimmy’s Flat White range which launched nationwide last April. The transition from Tetra Pak cartons to infinitely recyclable cans was crucial for the brand to move away from plastic and towards a more sustainable packaging option.

Jimmy’s and Co-op are both British brands with values rooted in community, social responsibility and positivity. This, combined with their aligned sustainability goals and customer-base stood out as a clear rationale for the listing and makes for a hugely exciting year ahead for the brand.

For Co-founder, Suzie Owen, gaining the Co-op listing was a long-time coming. “Getting listed in the Co-op has been one of my biggest ambitions since starting Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Mainly because their stores are the perfect fit for an ice-cold Jimmy’s. The Jimmy’s brand has proven, after ten years, that it can sit comfortably amongst the global iced coffee players and sell just as well, if not better. Consumers love the little guy, the family business, the one with a story, the brand that genuinely cares. We are beyond excited to launch in February.”

Both recipes continue using only Rainforest Alliance certified single-origin Arabica coffee and semi-skimmed milk, making it the same epic taste but now in an infinitely recyclable can that’s better for the planet. Perfect for on-the-go or as a working from home pick-me-up, Jimmy’s is set to be an epic addition to Co-op’s soft drink range.

Co-founder, Jim Cregan commented, “I’m so, so excited to finally getting our products listed in the Co-op. It’s been eight years of meetings, but we got there in the end! It’s my local store and would imagine I speak for a great deal of people with that statement! It’s the ideal place for Jimmy’s – as you’re never too far from a Co-op, we’re designed for grab and go and, one of the things I love about the Co-op, is their fridges are always cold…meaning you’re always gonna get an ice cold Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Rock and Roll.”

Jimmy’s are supporting the launch with a digital sampling campaign whereby customers can benefit from vouchers for a free can of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee from their local Co-op via opting in on the brands website, in addition to further activity in store.

Due to the packaging being aluminium, customers can recycle it much more easily than plastic. This means that from the moment you recycle the can, the same can will be back on the shelf in sixty days*. These infinitely recyclable cans put Jimmy’s closer to achieving their environmental aim of removing plastic from their packaging in 2021.

Jimmy’s cans of Original and Mocha will be available in Co-op, including the Meal Deal section, from February 10th, 2021 with a RRP of £1.60.

*Ball Corporate Conference 2019

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