Jack Link’s, the world’s largest meat snacks company, and one of the fastest growing jerky & biltong brands in the UK, has announced the launch of an improved recipe for its delicious Beef Jerky range, which will deliver a juicer and even more tender bite. The improved recipe will be available from May, and to further support its launch, Jack Link’s will be investing £1.3M in marketing activities in the second half of 2019 to reach 10M savoury snackers in the UK.

The improved beef jerky recipe joins the brand’s successful Biltong which launched in 2018. Both the improved recipe as well as Jack Link’s Biltong have already proven incredibly popular, receiving a staggering 65% preference[1] vs leading competitor in a blind taste test.

Kenneth Ruigrok, Marketing Manager for Jack Link’s says: “The new recipe has been created following rigorous consumer taste tests, responding to consumers’ demands for a great Beef Jerky experience. We have created a Beef Jerky product which has proven to have the perfect balance of tender meat with extra bite and juiciness.  Following the new recipe receiving a staggering 65% preference vs our leading competitor in a blind taste test, we are excited to launch this to market for consumers to enjoy.”

As the rise of the meat snacking category continues, growing over 9% in the last two years and industry projection of CAGR +11% to 2025, the new recipe will appeal to, amongst others, the health-conscious consumer looking for the perfect high protein, low calorie on the go snack – at less than 80 calories per serving[2].

Whilst the meat snacks growth has flourished due to its credentials as a complete protein source, the Jerky & Biltong category is still relatively underdeveloped. With less than 5% of the UK population purchasing Jerky & Biltong, there is still huge headroom for growth. The solution is to drive visibility and awareness of the category and its versatility as a perfect 100% lean beef, high protein, low calorie snack on the go, at work, or in the gym.

“Jack Link’s current growth of 50% YOY[3] alongside the new recipe launch will represent an exciting opportunity for retailers looking to drive incremental sales amongst shoppers searching for the ultimate snack.”

[1] Source: Haystack and ISI research, April 2018

[2] Per serving = 25g

[3] Source: Nielsen MAT to 26.01.19

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