Adagio Teas introduces the ingenuiTEA teapot, an exclusive product that radically simplifies the brewing of loose tea. Designed for consumers who value loose tea’s superior flavour and medicinal properties, the ingeniuTEA eliminates many of the complexities associated with its preparation. The new teapot boils the brewing process down to an art form of simplicity. Its unique feature is an ingenious filtering system that is activated once the teapot is placed atop a cup. A valve on the bottom opens, releasing tea that’s free of sediment, while a stainless steel mesh filter retains all the leaves. The 470 ml capacity teapot retails for £16.00

ingenuiTEA_teapotWhile many have now embraced the pleasures of specialty coffee, an appreciation for artisan tea has been slower to take hold. Lack of progress in easing the preparation of loose tea may have attenuated the appeal of its exceptional taste and health benefits. Adagio’s ingenuiTEA teapot was designed to correct this. “The superior flavour of artisan tea is easy to demonstrate,” says Stepas Parulis, Adagio’s marketing manager. “A more difficult objective is getting consumers to follow their taste buds. The common teabag, convenient and insipid, continues to reign supreme. Our new teapot aims to narrow this gap. Happily, it appears to be working. A quick demonstration of its ingenious design usually disarms consumers of the notion that loose tea is difficult to prepare.”

Adagio Teas is an award-winning purveyor of exceptional teas, working closely with artisan farmers on selecting the finest leaves to deliver an unmatched combination of taste, freshness and value. The elegant range of unique tea accessories aims to widen tea’s appeal and enhance its enjoyment. Adagio Teas’ products are available online at in in select gourmet and health food stores.

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