Ever thought of swapping your traditional wheat pasta for seaweed pasta? Well now is the time to make that change with the new and exciting I Sea Pasta from Seamore. A much healthier, richer alternative grown in the pure waters of the Irish coastline, this 100% natural and organic pasta is packed full of goodness.
I Sea Pasta also boasts its gluten free, vegan and vegetarian friendly properties making it an alternative and possibility to anyone, no excuses!

Don’t just listen to what we have to say, here is the proof of all its nutritional goodness, high in iodine, sodium, antioxidants, protein, vitamins and minerals. 1 serving of I Sea contains more omega 3 then what is needed in your daily diet, packed with twice as much iron as spinach and has 85% less calories per plate then regular wheat pasta – no carbs no calories. With nothing more, nothing less it really is what it says on the packet 100% seaweed!

Seaweed has been around for 500 million years and hasn’t been used to its optimum until today with 10,000 species, seaweed is the most sustainable for the planet and should be strongly considered because as we see the population set to grow to around 9 million by 2050, as a country we need to be making these necessary changes before it’s too late for current and future generations – as seaweed is the way forward. With plenty of it, the himanthalia pasta is hand-picked along the fine waters of Europe’s Atlantic coastline in its purest waters where it is then rinsed and dried at low temperatures of 39 degrees requiring no extra water, fertilisers or pesticides and will see 15% of what has been harvested grow back, showing us a viable option for the future that shouldn’t be ignored.

It’s better for us. Better for the planet.

So where and how was Seamore born? well the idea began while on a holiday in Ibiza, in a sea food restaurant when founder Willem mistook the sea weed in his salad dish for green tagliatelle and ever since then the idea turned into a reality by replacing your traditional wheat pasta for seaweed, which is where the story began for Seamore and the creation of I Sea pasta.



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