This May, HP is helping commemorate the 160th birthday of iconic British landmark, the Elizabeth Tower and its famous bell, Big Ben. HP Sauce is the category leader in brown sauce and is set to celebrate the occasion with a tongue and cheek packaging refresh on its 255g glass bottle format. Named after the Houses of Parliament, HP Sauce has historically always featured the popular landmark on the bottle and the refresh is set to incorporate the current scaffolding on the tower to present an honest view of the much-loved London landmark.

Launching across both retail and foodservice, the design update will be the first major design change to the nation’s favourite brown sauce in 123 years and will be live until 2021, when Big Ben will be restored to its usual rhythm. The new design, worked on with Jones Knowles Ritchie and Wonderland Communications, will be announced on Friday 31st May, the same day as the 160th anniversary of the tower and will celebrate the sauce’s unique heritage. The design will remain in its iconic square glass bottle format with its popular red, blue and white label, the only difference will be the presence of scaffolding on the Elizabeth Tower which will be in stores shortly after.

The launch will be supported with visuals of a builder enjoying the delicious sauce in the surroundings of the Houses of Parliament and the Elizabeth Tower to celebrate those currently working on the restoration.

Joel Hughes, Marketing Manager for UK Sauces at Kraft Heinz, commented: “We are delighted to celebrate this momentous occasion for the tower, the bell and the palace of Westminster in general with the nation’s most-loved brown sauce. With the tower being named the most instagrammable British landmark and HP sauce the only brand with the Houses of Parliament present on its product packaging, it is only fitting that we adapt our iconic glass bottle HP label design to suit its current appearance, and what better way to mark the occasion than on its 160th anniversary.

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