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HEARTLAND Food Products Group, the company which has pioneered the dynamic new water enhancers category in the UK market with its Go Splash brand, has extended the range with eight exciting new flavours including two new Go Splash Squeezy products designed specificially for kids.

THE-GROCER-NEW-PRODUCTS-RANGEThe introduction of new flavours follows last year’s successful launch through Tesco of Go Splash Blackcurrant, Orange Pineapple and Energy Lightning Red flavours.

The latest additions to the Go Splash range are Strawberry Watermelon, Summer Fruit, Orange, Apple Blackcurrant, Lemon Lime and Energy Lightning Green. Heartland has also launched its own “especially-for-kids” Go Splash Squeezy brand in Apple and Orange flavours.

Eddie Pellegrino, Heartland’s Chief Sales Officer, told The Grocer Trader that the water enhancers category in the US had “exploded” into a $362 million category* in just three years. (*source: The Nielsen Company,   52 weeks to February 15th 2014)

“The US market for water enhancers is projected to be worth more than $500 million by 2015 and this clearly demonstrates the enormous potential for UK retailers,” he said. “We are proud and delighted that Go Splash was the first brand to introduce the exciting new concept of water enhancers to the UK market. Furthermore, we believe that Heartland is uniquely positioned as the leading one-stop shop for brands, private label, licensing and co-manufacturing. We are major suppliers of private label water enhancers in the US and have made big investments in our production facilities so that we now have the capacity to produce millions of bottles.”

This year has already seen the water enhancers sector developing rapidly with the launch of various new products.

Eddie Pellegrino said that no other water enhancer brand offered such a wide range of flavours as Go Splash or such excellent value.

“A further advantage with Go Splash is that each of our pocket-sized bottles can flavour six litres – or around 30 glasses – of water. Everybody understands the health benefits of staying hydrated and drinking lots of water so Go Splash will help them achieve this by providing an exciting and fun new way to customise and enjoy water.”

The Go Splash 48ml pocket-sized range of sugar-free, low-calorie products add a “refreshing touch of style to water” and provide a fun and convenient new way for consumers to “enjoy water your way” by customising each individual drink.

Go Splash can be taken anywhere and the handy Go Splash bottle is perfect for the handbag, car, sporting activities, holidays or the workplace. With just two calories per glass and added B vitamins, the sugar-free Go Splash products are the ideal choice for healthy, on-the-go refreshment.

Steve Foster, UK Sales Director for Heartland, said that the company had worked closely with Tesco to bring Go Splash to the UK market and that the supermarket was now stocking all eleven flavours.

“Go Splash has been successfully positioned in Tesco stores in the water aisle, the squash aisle and also in the food-to-go section with the range displayed in trays and also stylish gravity-feed clip-strips,” said Steve Foster. “We have developed a 21st-century packaging concept for Go Splash which delivers important benefits to the trade in terms of less packaging, easier transportation and also means that the products take up much less shelf-space. We believe that Go Splash has been the most innovative soft drinks launch of the year.”

Heartland has also announced that it is launching its first consumer advertising campaign in support of its Go Splash brand.

The campaign, which breaks in April, will feature social media, viral advertising and consumer press plus national sampling and demonstrations in supermarkets, town and city centres. Go Splash will also feature at more than 20 major events throughout the year such as Glastonbury, the BBC Good Food Shows, adventure sports and family shows.

The campaign will invite consumers to “Enjoy Water Your Way” and will also feature a new website and dedicated Go Splash Facebook and Twitter pages.

“We have been absolutely delighted with the positive response from consumers and we will strongly support Go Splash in 2014 and continue to play a pioneering role in the UK soft drinks market,”said Eddie Pellegrino.


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