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With the support of a multi-million-pound 360 campaign, Fox’s Burton’s Companies (FBC UK) is debuting a brand-new look and innovation for leading cookie and No.1 minis brand[1], Maryland, to help retailers unlock and grow their ‘Sweet Biscuits” sales.

Maryland already has strong foundations and has seen retail sales value increase by 18% year-on-year and is now worth £63m[2]. With £2.7 billion pounds worth of retail sales in “Sweet Biscuits” last year[3], the brand is embarking on a new restage to help retailers make the most of the growing category opportunity available.

Starting with the evolution of the packaging, the signature shiny red and yellow branding already known and loved by generations has been enhanced, making it even easier for shoppers to find Maryland on shelf. The new packaging will spotlight the flavour variant front and centre on pack, also showing the breadth of choice available. Importantly, retailers will be able to create impactful in-store block branding so its unmissable for shoppers when walking down the biscuit aisle.

To recruit new shoppers to the brand and to bring excitement into the category, Maryland has also launched a new Choc & Caramel flavour. With caramel worth £131m in “Sweet Biscuits” and growing by 30% in the last 52 weeks, there is no better time to expand the range with this flavour[4]. In fact, Maryland shoppers already have a 72% repeat rate[5] on caramel biscuits and caramel over-indexes with family shoppers – a key driver within the “Sweet Biscuits” segment. The launch of the new Maryland Choc & Caramel flavour continues the distinctive recipe of a crunchy and crumbly cookie with chocolate chips and the addition of caramel pieces.

Colin Taylor, Trade Marketing Director at FBC UK commented: “The evolution of Maryland’s brand identity is an exciting time for the business. We are already known for our quality recipe, affordability and our signature packaging, but we know there’s more we can do to support retailers to make the most of the opportunity available. From consumer testing we know that our new packaging has stronger appeal to shoppers and better purchase intent. This alongside the addition of our delicious new flavour and our upcoming marketing campaign means brand awareness is going to be at an all-time high for our retail partners. We’re looking forward to seeing the reactions from our loyal shoppers and newcomers to the brand and hope to bring families together over the original cookie everyone knows and loves.”

The restage will be brought to life with a multi-million-pound marketing investment across various different touchpoints – from TV, social and in-store activations, to drive awareness and encourage footfall for retailers across all channels. The new TV advert is set to be on screens from 23rd October 2023.

The Maryland restage is hitting shelves now across its core range in major retailers. Maryland Choc & Caramel has launched in Asda and will be followed by other major retailers from October with an MRSP of £1.50.

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