• 89% of people serve salad as part of a barbeque meal. Reasons cited include the belief that it provides a more balanced meal, adds colour and texture to the meal, as well as enjoying the taste

PepperCress• Almost half (45%) of people believe that eating outdoors is the most enjoyable part of a barbeque, followed by the opportunity to dine with friends and family

• Three quarters of people (77%) feel that meat is the most important component of a barbeque with salad deemed as the second most important BBQ food at 57%. Sauces and relishes came third at 54%.

• Almost half (47%) of people indicated that they enjoy getting creative with their salads, either by using adventurous ingredients or trying new recipe ideas, however with a third (32%) regularly using the same salad ingredients, there’s still a need to inject inspiration into the category.

• Perhaps not surprisingly, with one of the nation’s favourite sporting events around the corner, the 2014 World Cup, when asked who would be their ideal barbeque guest, top answers included David Beckham, indicating that as well as salad, sport goes a long way to create the perfect BBQ atmosphere. Ant & Dec and generally, someone who is a good cook also came out as popular answers.

Elaine Smith, marketing controller at Florette comments: “Salads are not just the healthy choice but are tasty too and it’s great to see that consumers agree, considering them a key component of their summer barbeque.

“The increasing variety of ingredients available to consumers in recent years allows them to be much more creative with their salad to create something that they really enjoy. At Florette, we are committed to inspiring consumers to enjoy their salads more and as part of this year’s multimillion pound marketing campaign, as well as through NPD, we will continue to inspire consumers to get creative with their salads.

“Inspiring consumers will undoubtedly increase the frequency of purchase and drive sales throughout the year, and one of the key ways we are looking to achieve this is through our newest single leaf product, PepperCress, which we believe will ‘spice up’ the salad shelves, in more ways than one!

“Inspiring consumers to get more enjoyment out of their salads will undoubtedly increase the frequency of purchase, driving growth for the category and helping to unlock its full potential, which we believe sits at £1billion.”



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