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FFP Packaging Solutions have supplied flexible packaging for Whitworths’ latest product launch. Whitworths’ Breakfast range consists of 30 new products included 13 film designs which FFP produced using its unique and award-winning Platinum Print flexographic workflow, an approach that guarantees colour accuracy and ‘right first time’ on-press performance.


Whitworths and FFP are long term packaging partners, with a shared history that encompasses over forty years and thousands of designs.

Whitworths’ breakfast proposition consists of unique dried fruit, nut and seed products targeting two usage occasions: breakfast alternatives and breakfast additions. The 5 sub-ranges include: Morning Munch, Shots, Sprinkles, Toppers and Flavours, which are available in Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose stores now. As part of this project FFP produced six triple laminate stabilo packs, four ‘skinny pillow’ packs and three doy packs.

FFP worked closely with repro supplier Itarus to ensure that the colour separations accurately preserved the Whitworths brand identity. This was a particular challenge, given that the pack material, number of layers in the laminate structure, and associated design colours change throughout the product range. Additionally, the packaging was being produced to meet a very tight launch window.

FFP have invested heavily in a colour managed workflow, working alongside repro suppliers and other key suppliers to develop a verifiable, measurable approach to colour reproduction. At the heart of the approach is a detailed understanding of how each and every combination of ink and film substrate will behave on press so that the repro path can be managed accordingly. The practical result as far as the customer is concerned is that they can trust FFP to print their design accurately and efficiently, and that the printing plates that FFP make from the repro supplied are guaranteed to be capable of printing the design to the colour standard, especially important when printing across a product range.

For Whitworths, the result was that they received packaging that was ‘right first time’, across this important range, allowing them to meet their production schedule perfectly and hit their launch date.

As Mark Oaten, Whitworth’s Projects Manager, put it, “We can always rely on FFP to continue to develop new approaches to keep them, and us, ahead of the game. Colour is of course a vital issue, along with print quality, and FFP are helping to ensure that our brand stays consistent, vibrant and dynamic on the supermarket shelf”.

FFP Packaging Solutions

Gary Tee, Business Development Manager

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