Džiugas cheese is suitable for people with lactose intolerances, offering them a valuable every day ingredient and additional source of calcium for their diets.  This is one of the key messages from Džiugas to visitors at the International Cheese Show, highlighting to retailers that lactose-free products are expected to increase 75% between 2012 and 2016 reaching €529M by the end of this period.

Brand-image-2015Because of the way Džiugas cheese is made and the maturities at which it is sold (12, 18, 24, 36 months), it qualifies as a lactose-free product. This is great news for the 12% of the UK population who avoid lactose and provides an opportunity to generate profitable sales for retailers. Mintel research into this area recently reported that Europe is a market leader in lactose free products and comments that customers who are lactose intolerant or believe they are, will pay a big premium for the right product. Džiugas provides the perfect opportunity for cheese retailers to tap into the lactose free market with a quality product that does not compromise on taste in order to achieve a ‘free from’ status.

As evidence of the excellence of this product, Džiugas has just received a 3 star rating from the Superior Taste Awards – one of the toughest international judging panels, based in Brussels. This is a second year in a row the Lithuanian cheese has achieved this accolade. Džiugas will be attending the International Cheese Show at Nantwich July 28th, for invitations please email dziugas@clear-group.co.uk

Email: dziugas@clear-group.co.uk

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