debbie&andrew’s bringing brand benefits to meatballs

debbie&andrew’s is one of the star performers in the premium sausage category and now the brand is taking the welcome step of launching a new meatball range. This is a natural extension for debbie&andrew’s and it is one that the loyal and growing customer base has been asking for, through the website and via customer feedback.


The first flavours to be confirmed for the new range are Sicilian (carrying forward the popularity from the sausage range) and Beef, Green Chilli and Lime. Both are true to the classic debbie&andrew’s offer of quality British meat combined with the finest ingredients creating highly distinctive flavours that bring customers back time and time again. Over a quarter of all households buy meatballs and with the popularity of the debbie&andrew’s brand, this is the ideal time for retailers to make the most of a growing trend.

debbie&andrew’s Sicilian pork meatballs

The popularity of debbie&andrew’s Sicilian sausages can now be found in the meatball category.  Sicilian meatballs combine top quality freshly minced British pork with the true tastes of Italy – creamy mozzarella, basil and sun dried tomatoes for extra impact.  A guaranteed winner, Sicilian pork meatballs meet all the main requirements to become a family favourite as they taste great and are easy to prepare into a memorable meal.  These meatballs are ideal for multiple meals and encourage shoppers into related purchases, such as pasta, salad, pizza bases and sauces.

In the taste tests, responses included: “A British meatball with Italian heritage – packed with meaty flavour, which unfolds to creaminess as you meet the mozzarella – all topped off with herby freshness from the Basil. Meltingly magic meatballs!”

debbie&andrew’s Beef, Green Chilli & Lime meatballs

The beef green chilli & lime meatballs were inspired by consumer feedback from the debbie&andrew’s website asking for a TexMex theme. Using the best British beef to give a true Texan big meat hit, this meatball goes on to reveal a spicy side based on Mexican love of a little chilli kick. Finally a splash of lime gives the meat a real succulence.  The result is certainly something new and a bit different, but the fans suggested it and debbie&andrew’s have responded. It is this kind of interaction and customer care that keep followers loyal to debbie&andrew’s, and coming back for more.  In taste tests the feedback was ‘just the perfect amount of heat but with a reassuringly meaty bite – a meatball that really gets the tastebuds going. ”

Flavour First:  

debbie&andrew’s is ideally placed to translate its success in the sausage market into the meatball category.  The new meatball range is underpinned by the same commitment to quality and flavour that underpins its sausages. This means using the finest ingredients made to rural recipes, using the best cuts of British farmed meat. No short cuts, no cheat ingredients, no long supply chains, just great meat, simply minced and mixed with the best ingredients to deliver real flavour.

New product development

debbie&andrew’s is committed to delivering great tasting food with real countryside flavour.  Real country food reflects the passing of seasons and the regional food histories and harvests traditional to the areas where livestock farms are based. New debbie&andrew’s products are often inspired by typical rural recipes from different countries and the various ways they combine herbs, spices, seasonings and harvest produce.

debbie&andrew’s customer feedback highlights regional and seasonal themes as significant drivers to purchase. While customers love the staple products, they are always encouraging new ideas and often provide ingredients and recipes too, some of which have inspired the new meatball recipes.

The ‘from the heart’ nature of debbies&andrew’s has already proven a winner with sausages and everyone on the debbie&andrew’s team believes the many fans of its sausages will really appreciate these new meatballs too.

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