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Cocofina is dusting off its festival wardrobe after helping to refresh the thousands of cool kids rocking out to top acts including Labrinth, Katy B, My Dynamite and Maya Jane Coles at this year’s High Definition.


The British coconut water drink boogied its way to cult drink status, chilling out with the crowds as the six HD arenas raised the roof with an all day dance music marathon. As one of the sponsors of the event, Cocofina helped to tickle festival-goers taste buds and rehydrate the legions of fans packed into Forest Farm, Ilford with its natural coconut water drink made from the juice of tender young coconuts.

Cocofina’s founder, Jacob Thundil said, “We love a good music festival at Cocofina and we were dancing along with everyone else when our favourite artists hit the stage. We also love High Definition’s mix of established and new acts and their passion for keeping the festival fun, without any of the corporate feel you get at some events. It’s all about the music at HD and that suits us down to the ground!”

Cocofina is naturally isotonic so it re-hydrates the body just like a sports drink – perfect for keeping music fans in tip top shape after a day partying in the sun. Available in fruity Apple & Blueberry, Mango & Guava and Tea & Passion Fruit flavours, the range blends perfectly with alcohol to make exotic cocktails – and the un-mixed product can help with re-hydration if those delicious cocktails prove too tempting during a festival picnic.

Cocofina Limited

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