RH Amar, the UK’s leading fine food distributor, is pleased to announce that its Cardini brand is set to hot up the tempo in the salad dressings fixture this summer with the launch of a unique Red Jalapeño Caesar Salad Dressing. This new Caesar dressing gives an exciting, South American twist to arguably one of the most popular salads in the world. It delivers the full flavours of Cardini’s much-loved traditional Caesar Salad Dressing but with an added heat and kick from the Red Jalapeños.

Caesar-Red-Jalapeno_2-editNinety years after Caesar Cardini invented the now world famous Caesar salad using his own house dressing the Cardini brand continues to earn a reputation for being Caesar experts by offering innovation and excitement to consumers.

Cardini’s new Red Jalapeño Caesar Salad Dressing delivers powerfully on taste, and is strongly aligned to the nation’s increasing appetite for hotter flavours. Moreover, with this summer’s Brazilian Football World Cup set to put South American cuisine firmly on the map, Cardini anticipates that this will further fuel the new dressing’s appeal. This new flavour will join Cardini’s existing line up of popular Salad Dressings that include Original Caesar, Cardini’s Light Caesar Dressing and Cardini’s Ranch Dressing.

The dressing has been available in Waitrose since April 2014 in a 350ml bottle.

The Cardini brand will celebrate its 90th Anniversary in July this year. The brand harks back to Caesar Cardini himself, the inventor of the very original and eponymously named Caesar Salad. The recipe for his original Caesar salad was created in the kitchen of his restaurant in Tijuana in Mexico where celebrated Hollywood stars would cross the border to dine to avoid the prohibition laws of America. On a particularly hot 4th July weekend, the restaurant ran out of mainstay salad ingredients so Caesar Cardini inventively created a salad out of his few remaining ingredients.

Caesar Cardini’s salad was so popular that to this day the salad still holds his name and has risen to become one of the most popular salads in the world. Caesar Cardini went on to bottle and sell his famed salad dressing and the rest is history! Cardini’s Original Caesar dressing is now sold around the world.

Cardini’s salad dressings are noted for their quality and taste integrity.

The Red Jalapeño Caesar Salad Dressing is available to order from RH Amar, www.rhamar.com.

RH Amar


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