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As the value of textile prices continues to increase, BIU Group (formally known as Bag it Up), one of the UK’s leading textile recycling organisations, has been working with companies to overcome a growing number of problems in the industry.


One of the biggest challenges facing the recycling sector at the moment is the increasing number of un-authorised recycling banks appearing in a growing number of locations. Many so called ‘rogue banks’ can cause issues for the land owner, because they are frequently badly maintained, attracting unwanted attention from thieves and are often easy to access. In response to this predicament BIU Group is offering organisations a free removal service.

Louise Knapton director of BIU Group commented, “We can serve notice on unlawfully placed banks, on behalf of the proprietor of the land. If the owner of the bank does not respond, we can remove the bank off the land and place it in storage until the owner is ready to collect it.”

Another issue affecting the sector is the rise in unregistered charities and companies trying to benefit from the increase in the value of textile prices. These less “trustworthy” organisations do not work in the same way as BIU Group, who are known for the transparency of their operations. The company prides itself on constantly achieving excellent service levels, tailoring services to suit each site, with bespoke recycling banks, collection management services, and a reporting system that tracks every kilo of textile material that is to be recycled.

BIU Group banks, which are distinctively branded, are also extremely secure. The company has developed a unique solution that features a chute and an electronic no-key locking system making them, what are believed to be, some of the most secure on the market and near impossible to break into.

BIU Group only ever uses branded vehicles and all their drivers are uniformed with ID badges. More recently, BIU Group were awarded the ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 accreditations for its environmental and quality management systems.

BIU’s goal is to help partners meet their sustainability, waste and financial targets with a transparent, efficient and ethical service. By working with BIU Group organisations are able to demonstrate their environmental and social responsibilities and know they are working with an organisation they can rely on.

BIU Group

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