sticky-chicken.jpgIf you can count on us Brits for one thing in the summer, it’s that come rain or shine we’ll be outside barbecuing. But cooking outside should be so much more than burnt sausages and undercooked chicken legs. California Raisins are incredibly versatile, but they’re often overlooked as an ingredient in simple meals – especially barbecues. They can be included in salads for a sweet, healthy twist, or in chutneys and relishes to give burgers an added zing. And they’re not just handy in condiments. California Raisins have been used in gourmet sausages, side dishes such as coleslaw, and even specialty beers. There are plenty of ways to spruce up a barbecue with California Raisins.

But even more innovative, California Raisins are now also available in a juice concentrate form. Juice concentrate is prepared by leaching raisins in water to produce a syrup containing 70% fruit solids. The tartaric acid present in raisins is a natural flavour enhancer, and research has proven that adding raisin juice concentrate to sauces and dressings improves the flavour of spices and other ingredients present. It’s the perfect addition to make sauces, dips, marinades and condiments extra-special for the summer evenings.
Try using California Raisins to brighten up the summer barbecue foods.

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