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Asda is set to launch its biggest ever Tickled Pink campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October with over 200 exclusive pink products available to purchase. Sales of the products will help to raise vital funds for charity partners Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel! supporting new breast cancer treatments, vital education, and life-changing support, as well as on pack vital breast cancer awareness on a range of products.

The range will see support from some iconic brands who are turning their packaging pink, including Diet Coke, Heinz Baked Beans and in an historic first, the Warburtons Toastie Loaf.

Now in its 27th year, Asda Tickled Pink is one of the UK’s longest running charity partnerships, and this year the range will see over 200 pink products from over 50 different suppliers hit the supermarket shelves. Products will be sold both in store and online and will include the George clothing range and Asda own label lines. Throughout 2023, the retailer hopes to raise £7 million through product sales and fundraising which is set to be the biggest year so far. The campaign has raised £82 million since it launched in 1996.

Asda reward customers can also benefit from buying products as the retailer launches its very first charity rewards mission, it means that both the charity partners and customers benefit from purchasing the Tickled Pink range. While Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel! benefit from the product donations, customers will receive £1 in their cash pot for purchasing four products from the range.

Asda and their suppliers have created exclusive pink products that customers can purchase from 21st September both instore and online. These include a wide range of products, such as Diet Coke cans (24x 330ml cans £10.75 – fixed donation of £100,000), Warburtons Toastie loaf (fixed donation of £150,000), Fibre One 90 Strawberry & Cream Doughnuts (£1.50 with a 15p donation), Heinz Baked Beans Standard 415g Can (90p with a 9p donation), and Cushelle Quilted Toilet Roll (£5.85 with a fixed donation of £30k).

Asda also have a range of own label products to support the campaign from its popular Shades household range to plants and flowers including, Shades Tissues (£1 with 10p donation), Shades Kitchen Towels (£2 with a 20p donation), Bromeliad House Plant (£6.00 with £0.60 donation), Anthurium House Plant (£6.00 with a £0.60p donation), and the Tickled Pink Flower Bouquet (£6.00 with £0.60 donation, available all year round).

George at Asda has also created a Tickled Pink exclusive clothing range with 22 different products including a pink ribbon t-shirt (£8.00 with 80p donation), a canvas pink ribbon bag (£6 with 60p donation), 5 pair pack of socks (£6.50 with 65p donation), and a three-piece pink nightwear set (£28 with £2.80 donation). The clothing collection now includes a breast awareness message printed inside the garments, as well as the long-standing breast awareness message printed on swing tag labels, which help to remind customers to check their boobs, pecs or chest regularly. This compliments the suite of awareness messaging Asda delivers on till receipts, Grocery Home shopping vans, pharmacy bags and changing room stickers which are live all year round.

Kris Comerford, Asda’s Chief Commercial Officer – Food said: “We are really proud to have so many of our suppliers supporting this year’s Tickled Pink campaign and turning their iconic brands pink. It’s set to be our biggest ever year with over 200 pink products available both in stores and online, giving customers the opportunity to donate by purchasing everyday household and clothing items.”

Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburtons said “Our family business has been supporting families across Britain since we began baking in 1876 and through The Warburtons Foundation we continue to help a range of charities and organisations. We are really excited to be turning our iconic Toastie loaf   packaging pink, for the first time ever, to help raise much needed support for Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign to support the work of breast cancer charities.”

The Asda Tickled Pink campaign works with charity partners Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel! and they’re on a mission to make checking your boobs, pecs and chests, whoever you are, as normal as your Asda shop. The aim is to raise funds for breast cancer treatments, education and support. Together, they’re putting breast cancer awareness on everyone’s list.

Asda’s 2023 survey of its customers revealed that 2 in 5 Asda shoppers regularly check their chests . Yet 24% of female shoppers who have checked before, are forgetting to check regularly enough.  Asda Tickled Pink aims to provide this all important reminder.

Asda’s 2023 Tickled Pink campaign encourages everyone, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity to become Real Self-Checkers and establish a regular breast checking routine. In store POS will share the stories of five men and women who are this year’s Real Self-Checkers and highlight the importance of having a regular breast checking routine through their own personal journeys with the disease.

This year’s Tickled Pink collection will be available to buy in Asda stores across the UK and online, from 21st September and will be available throughout October, with either a one-off donation or a percentage of sales donated at a 70/30 split to Breast Cancer Now (Reg. Charity Nos. 1160558 & SC045584) and CoppaFeel! (Reg. Charity Nos. 1132366 & SC045970) respectively. For further information please visit:

[1] ~38% of Asda customers check their breasts at least once every six weeks. ResearchBods ‘Great British Check In’ June 2023 – nationally representative sample of 2165 female and male Asda customers.

[1] ResearchBods ‘Great British Check In’ November 2022 – nationally representative sample of 1757 female and male Asda customers, filtered to female customers.

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