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Flavours of India delighted visitors at London’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair with a sensory explosion of Indian flavours, when its range of authentic premium cooking sauces launched at the Show.

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Available in five varieties – Makhani, Kadhai, Masala, Jalfrezi and Madras – the Flavours of India sauces range combines theconvenience of ready-made meals with the traditional tastes and textures ofIndian home cooking.

Indian food is an established part of the British diet, with 73% of adults preparing the food at home on a regular basis (Mintel). Furthermore, the authenticity of ethnic food recipes is the number one mostimportant factor shoppers consider when choosing both ethnic foods and cooking sauces (Mintel).

Flavours of India sauces fill an important gap in a market that currently caters to an outdated idea that consumers want either overwhelming spiciness or no spice at all from curry sauces, with no attention given to the interaction of flavour, texture and appearance – the hallmark of real Indian food, said Ganesh.

Ranjani Ganesh, Head of Product Development, Flavours of India, said: “Authenticity is vital to our Flavours of India sauces, and we’ve achieved this with the ingredients we use. In most shop-bought Indian sauces, the first ingredient used is water, meaning it has been washed down.

“This is not the case with our premium sauces, which have a strong focus on getting the spice mixes just right to create a sensory explosion for our consumers.

“Every spice we use is sourced by our suppliers from India and Sri Lanka and then roasted and ground daily in our factory, meaning consumers can taste every flavour in each of our sauces.

“Consumers lead busy lives and often don’t have time to prepare a curry from scratch, yet ready-made products can lack the true taste and texture of traditional curry. Our sauces are easy to use and deliver all the flavour of a home-cooked meal in just twenty minutes,” she added.

The Flavours of India range is manufactured in a strict quality-controlled 7,200sqft facility in Oxfordshire, which has the capacity to produce 2.5 million pouches of sauce every year. The sauces have a long shelf-life and contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

The products are entirely gluten-free, meaning the sauces are suitable for people with Coeliac disease. All five cooking sauces are suitable for vegetarians with the Makhani, Masala and Jalfrezi perfect for those on a vegan diet.

Flavours of India cooking sauces are available in environmentally-friendly packs.

Flavours of India:

Flavours of India is a range of authentic, ready-made curry sauces, which combine convenience with real Indian flavours. Part of Phoenix Agro Ltd, Flavours of India is a family-run business that believes its range of food products introduces the flavours of their roots to their adopted homeland, the UK.

Made in the UK at a SALSA accredited manufacturing facility, using only the best ingredients and freshly prepared spices, Flavour of India sauces combine the convenience of ready meals with the taste of authentic, home-cooked Indian food.

Born in Bombay, Ranjani Ganesh comes from a family who loved to cook. She started on her culinary voyage at age 13 and learned her skills from her mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. After moving to the UK in 1998, Ranjani wanted to prove thathonest Indian food can truly originate from Britain, her family’s adopted homeland.

Ranjani loves experimenting with food and the Flavour of India sauces are all her own design. Each sauce is based on a traditional recipe and Ranjani has used trial and error to perfect each one, creating a unique mix of spices to give each sauce its distinctive flavour.

She is also a graduate in Psychology, a postgraduate degree in Business and Management Studies, and has just completed her first year of a Masters in Psychology at Oxford Brookes University.

The idea to launch the Flavours of India business emerged in spring 2012, when she started back at university and realised she didn’t have time to cook like she used to. She realised she had to do something to make quick meals that tasted great – and Flavours of India was born.

Flavours of India, 8 Range Court, Range Road, Witney OX29 0YB

Telephone: 01993 708380


Twitter: @foifoods

Facebook: Flavours-of-India

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