One of the country’s best loved brioche brands has re-designed the look of its’ range of continental bakery to emphasise the French heritage and high quality of its’ products.

The new packaging from Brioche Pasquier makes the brand more accessible to consumers with clearer labelling and information and a recipe on each pack to give an example of how the contents could be used.

One of the company’s flagship products, Pains au Lait, has also changed name, and will now be simply known as Brioche Rolls.

“We realised that the name confused some consumers who were not familiar with the French style Pains au Lait,” explains Matthew Grenter, Sales Manager. “The simple term Brioche Rolls is self-explanatory, and immediately communicates the type and quality of the product. We’ve also pointed out that Brioche Rolls are a great accompaniment to sweet or savoury dishes.”

The new packaging has been introduced across the range of brioche and viennoiserie products, including Croissants, Brioche Rolls, Brioche Rolls with Chocolate Chips and Pains au Chocolat.

“Our French heritage is an integral part of our company and our products, and we wanted to communicate this to our customers. We also wanted to let them know that we started as a family bakery and we still care deeply about the products we bake. The first bakery was opened in 1936 in Les Cerqueux, West France by Gabriel Pasquier, and the company continues to be run by members of the family.”

Gabriel’s legacy includes the unique starter dough known as ‘levain’ and gives the products their trademark taste and longevity without the need for preservatives. This longevity is a boon for retailers and consumers alike as it means that the products stay fresh on the shelves for up to 21 days, thus reducing waste and prolonging usability.

The ‘clean’ nature of the recipes with no preservatives, artificial flavours or hydrogenated fats is also emphasised on the new packaging, so that consumers will know they are buying a wholesome product.

“We are delighted with the fresh French feel of the new packaging and believe it has the power to bring in new customers who will get a clearer, more compelling message about the company and our products from the information supplied,” adds Matthew.  “This is sure to help retailers develop their brioche and continental bakery offering and encourage customers to try and trust the Brioche Pasquier brand.”

The new packaging will be phased into retail stores across the country from the end of April.

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