feel-good-kidsLunchboxes are exciting again! Feel Good Drinks has launched a new Feel Good Kids range of juicy drinks in handy, child-friendly, Tetra Wedge cartons that are perfect for packed lunches.

Offering the good stuff parents are looking for, Feel Good Kids are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar or nasties, and are blended from 2/3 juice and 1/3 water, offering maximum refreshment and hydration. But it’s not just parents who will be feeling good. Feel Good Kids are available in 2 tongue tingling, fruity flavours that kids love, and the brightly coloured packs feature a “how do you doodle?” section, inviting kids to send in their very own Feel Good doodles. Some of the best will even be chosen to feature on a future pack!

Available in two delicious flavours – Orange, Pineapple + Banana and Blackcurrant, Apple + Grape – Feel Good Kids also has a great environmental story to tell. Packaged in 180ml Tetra Wedge cartons, the range is not only a handy child-sized treat for the lunchbox, the cartons are also lightweight, low carbon, recyclable and made from a renewable resource – wood.

Feel Good Kids drinks are now available nationwide in a handy 4-pack, through Waitrose and other supermarkets, priced £1.99 (RSP), as well as being sold individually through coffee shops, cafes, pubs and sandwich shops across the country. Great for when you are out and about with the family, they are also available in BHS cafes, Little Chef outlets, London Zoo and lots of other stores priced between 80p – £1.10 (RSP).

The Feel Good Drinks Company
Tel: 020 7687 7651
E: team@feelgooddrinks.co.uk

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