all-logosSA Vortex Ltd a national Green Specification approved manufacturer and supplier of patent protected, ultra energy efficient hand dryers has now reduced the power consumption of its range.

Vortex hand dryer is the greenest high speed (sub 10s power dry) warm air dryer, operating at a total power consumption of just 700W. This under half the power of nearest comparable competitor model.

With a 97% cost saving against paper towels, combine this with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any high speed dryer on the market and you have an unbeatable drying solution.

In a high traffic washroom, SAVortex dryers pay back instantly SAVortex is continuing to push the boundaries and driving down costs enabling their customers to reduce their environmental carbon footprint and their operating costs whilst maintaining and improving hygiene standards.

Syed Ahmed, CEO SAVortex Ltd added, “The total ethos of the SAVortex hand dryer is minimum energy use without loss of effectiveness. Our hard work to improve energy efficiency and produce the greenest quietest and fastest dryer is paying dividends. We are now the No.1 preferred supplier for Interserve Ltd, one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies.”

The company has won one of the UK’s highest profile awards from the prestigious Best Business Awards for Best New Product for its energy efficiency, also awarded a Commendation at the Rushlight Awards in the energy minimisation category and SAVortex has been shortlisted in the highly competitive category of product of the year 2010 by Sustain Magazine.

So why is the Vortex Hand Dryer so special?

It’s unique patented spinning air technology breaks water on the surface of hands more rapidly, delivering low cost, fast, quieter drying. This spinning technique creates a ‘curve’ of warm air, similar to how an aeroplane wing curves up at its end in flight, that naturally feels warmer due to the wrap-around effect

• Power Consumption: from 700W     only, lowest carbon footprint – 97% cost saving against paper towels.

• Faster: 10 second drying time

• Quieter: operating from only 80dB

• Longer life through use of digital brushless technology

• Compelling cost savings: 97%     cost savings against paper towels

• Protected IP – granted patents

• Easy installation

To learn more about The Vortex Hand Dryer please visit the SAVortex website or call
0207 847 4091 email:

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