yale-vg-front-press-imageFollowing the successful launch of the VT and the VF electric powered forklift trucks, Yale continues its NexGen product introduction programme with the release of the VG cushion tyre series.

Available in lifting capacities from 2,200kg to 3,500 kg, the VG series is a cushion tyre truck generally used in internal applications where lifting capacities are in excess of 2,000kg and space to manoeuvre is at a premium. Typical examples are engineering and industrial manufacturing; print facilities; paper and packaging manufacturers and distributors; as well as cross docking in warehouse and distribution applications.

All of the new features introduced on the VT and VF models are incorporated into the VG series with the key focus being on productivity and ergonomics.

The VG includes Yale’s e-balance technology enabling the operator to choose between HiP, a high productivity setting, and eLo, an energy saving setting.

Operating in HiP mode, the truck delivers high acceleration for the most demanding productivity applications. The eLo setting, providing exceptional energy efficiency, allows the forklift truck to operate for longer periods between battery charges.

Performance can be further customised with the forklift truck’s four performance modes, where the highest setting provides maximum speed and acceleration and the lowest mode is used where the application demands very precise load handling and manoeuvrability.

Operator comfort is at the forefront of Yale’s NexGen forklift trucks, offering maximum safety, visibility and ease of operation. The design of the VG series is no exception with the position of key operator controls and minimised whole body vibrations contributing to increased productivity.

All forklift trucks in the VG series can incorporate Yale’s new Accutouch mini lever module which features cushioned arm and palm rest with fingertip control of levers. These features are considered to be a major contributor in reducing repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Standard on all Yale NexGen trucks is ‘YaleStop’, an ‘Automatic Park Brake’ that is common to many Yale electric trucks. Similar to the feature fitted on premium specification cars, YaleStop increases productivity dramatically where the driver is frequently moving on and off the truck. It also eliminates the need for alarms and buzzers alerting operators that the handbrake has not been set.

With space designed into the trucks for clipboards, pens, mobile phones and drinks dashboard space is maximised for operator convenience. A 12V power socket can be fitted as an option for the recharging of production equipment and personal items, including mobile phones or mp3/4 players.

Daniel Heap, Electric Truck Senior Product Development Manager for NMHG, says: “The Yale NexGen forklift truck series have undergone the most extensive product development and reliability growth testing ever undertaken by the company. We have worked exhaustively to develop a range of forklift trucks that meet all the demands of our customers’ businesses as well as their operators.

“We have tested our trucks against all our main competitors and are confident that we can offer the highest productivity levels, the lowest energy consumption as well as the lowest lifetime operating costs.”

For further details on the VG range of electric counterbalance forklift trucks, and to find your nearest Yale forklift truck dealer, log on to www.yale-forklits.eu.

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