porridge-packs-flatTHE NewLeaf food group is launching Xtreme porridge aimed at 7 to 15 year-olds.

Marketed using four urban animated characters – with accompanying online, phone-app and social networking campaigns – Xtreme aims to be the porridge choice of the uber-cool youth of Britain.

“Our porridge is fantastically healthy but it doesn‘t preach to the kids,“ explained NewLeaf Managing Director Rob Mullen.

In original as well as blueberry, apple and raspberry versions, Xtreme porridge is currently being presented to all the major retailers in the UK for a January roll-out.

This will be followed in the summer with the launch of product extensions including fruit-flavoured porridge bars and convenient ‘pots-to-go‘.

100 per cent natural, containing nothing other than oats, natural fruit pieces and flavourings, the Xtreme packs should reassure health-conscious parents worried about highly-sugared children’s breakfast cereals.

Cooked via traditional and microwavable methods, Xtreme Porridge has taken the company six months to bring to the table.

“There’s a gap in the market for a porridge which appeals to youngsters‘ sense of style but which parents will approve of because it’s good for them,“ added Mr Mullen.

“The urban-style packaging is deliberately streetwise to reflect the environment, values, social activities and fashion sense of today’s children and young teenagers.

“Get the kids to identify with the Xtreme characters and it should encourage them to eat something totally delicious and healthy.“

New Leaf Food Group

Rob Mullen

Tel: 0777 584 8039

Email: rob.mullen@newleaffoodgroup.co.uk


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