XLS-Medical, the naturally derived, clinically proven weight loss aid, has relaunched their free online support programme. ‘Get Back To You’ aims to help consumers sustainably achieve their weight loss goals this summer.

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With the holiday season almost upon us, millions of people are making an effort to shed those pounds to feel and look good this summer. So whether your customers are trying to lose weight for the first time or have tried other weight loss plans before, the free online XLS-Medical support programme, ‘Get Back To You’, will help them make their weight loss goal a reality.

Customers complete a simple registration form to calculate their BMI details to create their online profile. Users are then directed to their personal dashboard which will record their weight loss progress over the next 12 weeks. The convenient programme encourages users to lose weight safely with a target weight loss of 1-2lb a week, as recommended by Government guidelines.

The bespoke tracker helps customers’ monitor their weight loss progress week by week, clearly displaying their changes in weight and BMI in both table and graph formats. Throughout the 12 weeks, motivational emails are sent to users at regular intervals to celebrate successes, remind them to weigh in and share diet and exercise advice from the XLS-Medical expert panel. At key points during the week, when motivation levels may be slipping, encouragement and support is sent to users to encourage them to stick to their weight loss regime.

“We know pharmacy teams regularly engage with consumers about their diet and lifestyle, never more so than in the summer months,” adds the XLS-Medical spokesperson. “Sustainable weight loss requires a long term commitment and we wanted to ensure we were supporting consumers in the right way. Pharmacy teams should feel confident to encourage customers who are purchasing XLS-Medical to sign up to the programme so they can benefit from the expert advice from our consultant dietitian Helen Bond and fitness guru Elise Lindsay.”

Weekly weigh in

Despite the best intentions, finding the time to fit a weight loss regime into your daily routine can be difficult, but this convenient programme takes the hassle out of keeping track of dieting efforts. Instead of a ‘one size fits all approach’, communication is tailored to reflect how the user is tracking against their weight loss target.


“Rather than creating a programme that requires constant updating, ‘Get Back To You’ sends tailored content to the consumer, based on their progress” remarks a spokesperson for XLS-Medical. “People need only login once a week to record their weight loss status and we will do the rest.”

The programme is designed to be used alongside taking XLS-Medical Fat Binder tablets which can help dieters lose up to three times more weight than dieting alone while also being gentle on the digestive system.* Easy and convenient, dieters simply take two tablets three times a day after each main meal – with up to 6 tablets taken per day.

XLS-Medical was also recently shown to help prevent weight cycling or yo-yo dieting long term** and together with the ‘Get Back To You’ programme, dieters can feel confident that they are losing weight in a healthy and realistic way.

XLS-Medical Fat Binder is a certified medical device available without prescription for weight management, suitable for adults aged 18+. The recommended retail price for XLS-Medical Fat Binder is £14.99 for a trial pack (30 tablets), £24.99 for 60 tablets and £47.99 for 120 tablets. A month’s supply of XLS-Medical Fat Binder is available for £64.99.


* Grube B, Chong PW, Lau KZ et al. A natural fibre complex reduces body weight in the overweight and obese: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study. Obesity Journal 2012; doi:10.1038/oby.2012.165 [epub ahead of print 25 June, 2012]

** 20th European Congress on Obesity 2013. Litramine IQPG = 002AS for Weight Maintenance in Caucasian Adults. A study on the safety and efficacy IQP G-002AS over 24 weeks. Poster presentation 13 May 2013, Liverpool UK

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