New natural weight loss aid helps dieters lose three times more weight than dieting alone (1)

XLS-Medical Fat Binder, the first clinically proven, natural weight loss product available over the counter, has now launched in retailers across the UK. According to a double blind, placebo controlled clinical study, newly published in the Obesity journal, XLS-Medical Fat Binder helps dieters lose three pounds for every one pound they lose on their own.(1) It is also extremely well tolerated – supporting the fact that it is gentle on the body’s digestive system.(1)

XLS-Medical Fat Binder is a tablet containing a patented natural fibre complex derived from dried leaves of the prickly pear cactus. It works by binding to dietary fat so that it cannot be absorbed and has been proven to bind up to 27.4% of fat from food.(1) XLS-Medical Fat Binder also contains fibre which helps reduce food cravings and appetite.(1)  By slowing down digestion and stabilising blood sugar levels, the fibre helps dieters to feel fuller for longer. (1)

According to a survey by new XLS-Medical Fat Binder, one in 10 women have been on a diet their whole adult life. (2)  The findings suggest that fad diets aren’t working for the majority of women and can often leave dieters feeling fed-up and frustrated. A healthier way to lose weight is over a longer period of time. To help support people on their weight loss journey, XLS-Medical Fat Binder has created a free 12 week online weight loss programme called ‘123 hello me’ ( The programme is designed to be used alongside the product to help dieters manage their weight loss successfully, enabling overweight individuals to follow a healthy diet without cutting out important food groups.

Nicole Ehlen, spokesperson for XLS-Medical Fat Binder, comments: “We are delighted to introduce XLS-Medical Fat Binder to the weight loss category. The launch of XLS-Medical Fat Binder, along with the ‘123 hello me’ programme, provides retailers with the opportunity to recommend a realistic and sustainable option for customers concerned about their weight. Retailers play an important role in advising customers about weight loss and can engage customers in conversations about their diet and lifestyle as well as educate them about the small changes which can help make a real difference.

“The so-called fad diets, or diets that are particularly restrictive in terms of cutting out food groups or meals, are likely to cause binge eating, potentially leading to long-term weight gain not weight loss”, continues Nicole. “XLS- Medical Fat Binder is not another fad diet or a miracle pill. When used in conjunction with sensible eating and keeping active, it has been clinically proven to help individuals lose up to three pounds for every one pound they lose on their own while also being gentle on the digestive system.”

Professor David Haslam, GP and chair of the National Obesity Forum (NOF) also comments: “The fact that most over- the-counter weight loss products do not have evidence supporting their efficacy, nor do they seek any, speaks volumes. The study of XLS-Medical now reported in the prestigious journal Obesity will be acknowledged by the medical community as it is a well designed and conducted double-blind randomised placebo-control trial, which looks at weight loss and improvement in body fat. It is a fairly small trial of only 12 weeks duration but longer term studies are in progress to further judge the product. The increased loss of weight with XLS-Medical is significant statistically, but also clinically — and the superior number of individuals managing to lose >5% in weight particularly so, as this degree of weight loss translates strongly into health gains, and reductions in the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore the side effect profile is not problematic compared to other weight loss products. Larger and longer studies are eagerly awaited.”

XLS-Medical Fat Binder is supporting the launch with a £3million above and below the line marketing campaign. TV advertising will kick off on ITV on 16 September during the return of the hugely popular drama series, Downton Abbey and will continue on targeted channels throughout the campaign. Together with bespoke in-store POS materials, the launch of XLS-Medical Fat Binder creates opportunities for pharmacy to achieve significant returns within this category.

XLS-Medical Fat Binder is a certified medical device available without prescription for weight management, suitable for adults aged 18+. The recommendation for weight loss is to adopt a reduced calorie, lower fat diet in addition to regular exercise and to take 2 tablets 3 times a day after meals – with up to 6 tablets taken per day. The recommended retail price for XLS-Medical Fat Binder is £14.99* for a trial pack (30 tablets), £24.99* for 60 tablets and £47.99* for 120 tablets. A month’s supply of XLS-Medical Fat Binder is available for £64.99.*   XLS-Medical Fat Binder is made with the clinically proven fat binder, LitramineTM, and essential fat soluble vitamins. It can be used to help lose or maintain weight. Always read the label.

*Retail and promotional price is at the sole discretion of the retailer


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  2. XLS-Medical Fat Binder Weight Loss Survey July 2011


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