A nationwide study by Japanese yogurt maker Yakult found 30 percent of Brits feel like they are stuck in a rut in their lives, with 84 percent believing they are failing to live their best life, and 80 percent admitting they sometimes feel their lives lack purpose. 36 percent of the nation are desperate to improve their lives and a third would love to “re-do” part of their lives.

As you grow more mature, you may find what you are looking for, as only 55 percent of over-60s say their life has no meaning, compared to 90 percent of Brits aged 16-29. According to the study, the biggest barriers to Brits finding their purpose and achieving greater happiness are finances (45 percent), general anxiety (34 percent) and illness (22 percent). Nearly two thirds of us admit to feeling jealous when we meet someone who seems to have their world in order.

Daisy Whitfield-Davis, Yakult UK PR Manager, said: “This research proves how many Brits are searching for their true objectives in life. As a Japanese Company, we want to introduce the nation to Ikigai, a Japanese self-development concept, which is a framework for bringing satisfaction, happiness and meaning to your life.”

Ikigai is built around weighing up aspects of your life across your passion, your mission in life, your profession and your vocation, and it appears it’s something we need in our lives, with 60 percent of us admitting we have no balance in our existence.

Ikigai highlights the thing in our life that gives it that delicious richness – purpose, meaning, or raison d’être. As a concept, it’s what makes your life valuable or what makes you get up in the morning.

Ikigai is derived from Japan – a nation known for its long and healthy life expectancy globally. It could easily help the 81 percent of us who would like to take steps to move towards a more meaningful life. When it comes to what gives our lives purpose, the study a quarter said it’s being healthy. Or you could always try Yakult yogurt. Yakult and Yakult Light – the reduced sugar and fewer calories version – are both gluten free, fat free and suitable for vegetarians.

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