Intrepid Fox, the pre-packaged, single-serve ‘wine in a glass’, is being re-launched for the events and convenience retail sectors after coming under new ownership. The brand will be seeking to expand on existing successes in the events industry, travel catering and convenience retail markets.


Ball Capital Investment has successfully completed the takeover of Wine Innovations, producers of Intrepid Fox, after initially being an ‘angel investor’ in the company.  Originally founded by entrepreneur James Nash, the company, and the product, was initially brought to the country’s attention when it featured on the BBC TV series, Dragons Den.

The benefits of the ‘wine in a glass’ in terms of its ease and speed of service have enormous potential for retailers and traders. Its excellent storage properties, and superior aesthetic appearance over normal plastic or cardboard cups, make the product ideal for the events catering industry. The pre-packaged, easily carried servings are designed to avoid the problems commonly encountered when both purchasing and selling wine at high-traffic events, where the speed of service is the major limiting factor on bar takings, and frequent spillages can be potentially costly. The product’s easy serve, easy carry design also makes it ideal for both the travel catering, and convenience retail industry.

Under the brand Intrepid Fox, Wine Innovations will be capitalising on the success that Wine Innovations’ ‘wine in a glass’ has already had in the convenience retail and events catering markets.

The fully recyclable, PET plastic ‘tulip’ glass is sealed with a peelable foil lid, and can be stored for up to one year. The design of the glass, which closely resembles a regular wine glass, has greater aesthetic appeal than traditional plastic cups, while satisfying the safety requirements of many public events, sports and music venues, where actual glass containers are not permitted.

Speaking about the re-launch, Andrew Beasley, Director of Wine Innovations, commented: “It is a very exciting time for Wine Innovations. We have seen that the market is there, and the product itself is perfect for busy events where traders simply can’t serve drinks fast enough. We are confident that we can build on the successes that Intrepid Fox has already enjoyed, making our product a leader in the event, convenience retail, and transport catering industries”.

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