We’d forgive you if at a first mention you thought fruity vodka kicks were nothing new. That was until the recent unveiling of ‘Icycl’. A refreshing blend of natural juicy fruit and tasty vodka ice, held together in a convenient hand-held pouch, Icycl is a game changer when it comes to on-the-go alcoholic awesomeness.

Icycl-Product-Image-2Still in its inaugural year, this revolutionary alcoholic sorbet contained in a self-serve pouch, is set to revolutionise the party scene all over the world.

Icycl’s unique ability for retail at almost any location enhances is huge party venue appeal. Offering a low supply cost and a flexible recommended retail price, Icycl provides distributers and retailers with attractive margins.

Sold online or over the counter, Icycl is also great for gifting. With its capacity to be shipped and stored at ambient temperatures, needing only to be frozen prior to consumption, Icycl offers unlimited retail versatility. Even thawed and refrozen, its flavour remains uncompromised.

Available in six delicious natural fruit flavours, all Icycl recipes are created using real fruit concentrate and are free from artificial colours and flavourings.

Offering a safe and enjoyable alcoholic experience at locations where bottles pose a risk, the dangers of broken glass, spillages and even spiking are significantly reduced or even negated.

Responding to Mintel research, Icycl is a welcome alternative for those who like to drink, and not binge. Containing 0.6 UK units of alcohol with an ABV of 6.4%, feedback confirms a taste superior to established vodka and fruit mixes.

Launched to the market in Summer 2014, Icycl’s vibrant branding is the creation of a 19 year-old design student from South Wales. Creating memorable drinking experiences is a key component of Icycl’s appeal to its 18-34 year old mainstream target market. This is enhanced by regular collaborations with up-and-coming creative talent fronting the music scene, most recently with established DJ Lucias Brave.

Tel: 07720 851233

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