We spoke to a leading stockist of Vapouriz premium liquids and vape kits to discover the improvements stocking their products has made in their stores.

FUSE-2016-visual_RNW[10]What made you stock E cigarettes?

It was the margin on e-cigarettes being so high that initially attracted me. Since then the products have become so popular that it is now a real footfall driver too.

What were your top considerations for an e-cig brand?

The most important thing for us was getting the right brand that customers would feel confident using and was reliable so customers would continue to use it. Vapouriz is such a brand and their pricing level is just right too.

Did you previously stock e-cigarettes?

Yes, we stocked a lot of first generation cig-a-like brands but these were quickly superseded by the second generation products such as the Vapouriz Fuse. The first generation products did a good job initially to get people to try to switch from cigarettes but because the products were not good enough many people failed to stop smoking cigarettes.

These consumers may now have a false impression of how effective e-cigs can be to assist with quitting especially if they are yet to try a decent second generation product.

What made you choose Vapouriz?

The prices and margins are where they need to be with strong products and branding. Primarily the prices and margins though.

What impact have you seen from introducing Vapouriz into your stores?

E-cigs have actually doubled the net profit in some of my storesthese are very busy stores too so it was no mean feat. When we introduced Vapouriz products alongside a number of the other brands, which were already selling well, the slightly better prices encouraged customers to switch to Vapouriz and as a result our e-cig margin is now higher. We are now seen as the place to go locally for ecigs and we have become a destination store again.

What would you say to a retailer that is considering stocking ecigarettes/ Vapouriz?

Do it! Don’t waste time thinking about it BUT don’t just put them on the counter. To do it right you need to ensure all your sales staff understand the products, let customers try before they buy and assemble their purchase for them so they leave with a working product.

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