As the average household income has fallen by £365 a year (BBC, 2011) family budgets are squeezed ever harder and customers are increasingly stocking up on household staples such as canned meals and meats.  So now is the perfect time to introduce new best-selling retail lines with Westlers hamburgers, bean meals and meatballs.

According to research, UK consumer spend on canned meats and meals rose from 14.8% between 2007 and 2009 to reach an estimated £448 million 2009 (Mintel, 2010), meaning more demand for independent retailers to stock canned products that appeal to a diverse customer base. Westlers Hamburgers, Bean Meals and Meatballs are all family favourites and must-stock items for small or independent retailers.

Westlers Hamburgers in Onion Gravy are the number one favourite canned hamburger and provide a versatile meal as they can be served as part of a main course with a whole host of serving suggestions. They are also a store cupboard favourite because of their long shelf-life and the speed and simplicity of preparation.

Westlers Bean Meals includes family favourites such as Beans & Sausages, Beans & Beefburgers and for those with a larger appetite, an All Day Breakfast variety. The packaging of Westlers bean meals has been updated to include the slogan ‘mealtimes made easy’, highlighting the convenience of the product for today’s time pressured busy mums. Westlers Bean Meals are great as a snack (for the very hungry) or as an accompaniment to a main meal.

Westlers Meatballs are a great favourite for kids and adults alike. They provide a delicious accompaniment to pasta or rice, and can be served as a quick, convenient main meal for the whole family.  Westlers Bean Meals and Meatballs are a sure-fire hit with busy mums with mouths to feed or hungry students looking for a quick and satisfying snack. The majority of Bean Meal and Meatball products now come in price marked cans, driving sales through increased consumer confidence.

Because they are quick to prepare, convenient to store, with a long shelf life, and represent great value for money, Westler Hamburgers in Gravy, Bean Meals and Meatballs are all must stock items for retailers large and small alike.


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