new-ww-cottage-pieWeight Watchers Chilled Prepared Meals will be bringing a chic new look to the chilled cabinet in the New Year with the launch of dramatic new packaging for its range of healthy dishes.

The stylish new packs have been designed to show off Weight Watchers home-cooked style recipes, featuring tempting food photography and a rich palette of colours that will give the range real stand-out from other diet products.

The full range of Weight Watchers chilled meals and quiches will be revealed in their new packaging as part of an extensive program of brand support, including improved recipes across the range and an investment of more than £150K in new product development and innovation.

The latest phase of new recipes will include Sweet and Sour Chicken, Cottage Pie, Chicken Casserole with Dumplings and Chilli Beef with Potato Wedges.

Claire Webber, Greencore Brand Manager for Weight Watcher said; “Weight Watchers is a household name with phenomenal brand recognition. The new packaging has been carefully designed to maintain this pedigree whilst pushing boundaries in order to communicate the strong food values and top quality ingredients that we use.

“We know from consumer testing that our products benchmark well against similar competitor recipes that don’t offer added healthy eating benefits. We were keen that the packaging should reflect this and encourage new customers who are simply interested in delicious food and might not normally consider healthy eating products, to try the range.

Weight Watchers is one of the top 15 food brands in the UK, and Greencore is one of the lead licensees with a portfolio which includes Weight Watchers chilled prepared meals and quiches, as well as sauces, desserts and sandwiches. The new packaging will be introduced from January 2010 on chilled prepared meals, with plans to extend the roll out later in the year.

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