weetabix-minisWeetabix Minis are set to return to our TV screens as part of a national advertising campaign, launching on 1 July.

The Weetabix Minis advert takes you into the mini world of the chocolate Minis factory. The ad reveals that Weetabix Minis are no ordinary chocolate cereal; whilst they’re fun and tasty, they’re also packed full of the wholegrain goodness of Weetabix, making them a product that will appeal to mum and kids alike.

The advert has a fun, tongue-in-cheek tone and centres on a tour of the Weetabix Minis factory, given by the MD. As we go round the factory we get to see the amazing way a chocolate Mini is made.

Chocolate chips are fired into giant sized Weetabix biscuits with row after row of choco-cannons, the biscuits are then shrunk with a minimiser. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, Nigel, Chief Minimiser, gets minimised by mistake and the advert ends with the MD and the tour group looking for Nigel and a call to action: “Please help us find Nigel at www.findnigel.com.

The national TV campaign is supported by Nickelodeon TV sponsorship and a Minis factory website. The website, consisting of assorted games within a 3D mini factory environment, is designed to engage kids by asking them to help find Nigel.

Weetabix Minis are packed full of fibre, wholegrain goodness and are low in saturated fat, helping to provide the sustaining energy that kids need. It is also a non-HFSS food so is one of the few breakfast cereals that can be advertised directly to children.

The Weetabix Minis range has a recommended retail price of £1.89 and include Chocolate Crisp, Honey & Nut Crisp and Fruit & Nut Crisp.

To help us find Nigel go to www.findnigel.com

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