Weetabix Head of Brand, Kevin Verbruggen takes a look at the Grab and Go sector.

With more and more shoppers choosing to eat or drink on the go, the breakfast occasion is increasingly becoming one of the largest meal occasions, and therefore a huge sales opportunity for those who make the most of the category in-store.

Recent findings from IGD reveal that the food-to-go category is expected to grow to £21.7bn by 2021, up from £16.1bn in 2016. Results also identified breakfast as one of the key missions, with 28% of consumers shopping onthe- go for their first meal of the day.

The unstoppable rise of busier, time-pressured lifestyles means an increase in shoppers buying little and often, causing a boom in food-to-go for convenience stores, which have a strong forecasted annual compound growth of 5.8%.

Whilst the overall category is in decline, Weetabix is one of the few cereal brands currently in growth, with sales up £2m over the past twelve months. In addition, there are clear sub-categories performing well and boosting sales.

Protein Cereals, for example, have enjoyed a 7.3% uplift due to an increase in consumers looking to add more protein to their diet (40%). Breakfast Drinks made giant leaps in 2016, adding £7.2m and driving this sector to £20m.

We know that almost 7 in 10 people are concerned about the health benefits of cereal and 65% are looking to reduce the sugar intake in their diet. These concerns are reflected in consumers purchasing choices, as higher sugar cereals face a decline in sales, whilst Weetabix sales are on the up.

Research also shows that flavour remains the number one sales driver, with 63% of purchase decisions based on taste.

Weetabix Protein and Weetabix On The Go drinks (just some of our most recent innovation) all serve a nutritional benefit to consumers, encouraging a balanced diet with a healthy lifestyle – and also a bit of fun.



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