Florette is set to warm up bagged salad sales, with a marketing campaign that maximises every ray of sunshine this summer, to drive frequency and create impact right through the season.

DuoGreenButrheadPCressThe reach of the 2013 marketing campaign further evidences the influence of Florette’s extensive category management project that is being powerfully – and flexibly – used to target consumers more effectively this summer.

Florette is using this deeper understanding of consumer habits to communicate with the spectrum of salad shoppers at exactly the right time, and with exactly the right touch point that suits their individual needs. That consumers are eagerly awaiting the first rays of sunshine this year is an understatement. Florette is poised to engage with bagged salad shoppers as soon as the sun does start to shine, with a mix of thermal and geographic marketing activity to better prompt the consumer into purchasing salad whilst they are in a ‘warm weather mindset’.

Around a third of bagged salad shoppers typically only buy during the summer months, but by engaging with these salad selectors early on in the season (TV activity kicked-off on 26 April to capitalise on the early taste of summer that can fall, plus the first summer bank holiday weekend) Florette is set to leverage this insight to increase these consumers’ buying frequency and unlock incremental sales.

The £5 million 2013 brand campaign will be built around the successful ‘Bags of Feelgood’ creative platform that was launched in 2012 to inject emotion into the category, and will be brought to life through targeted bursts of multi-channel activity carefully timed across the summer. The campaign will support existing and new-for-2013 mixes from Florette’s core Crispy and Duo product ranges.

Elaine Smith, Florette marketing manager explains: “Bags of Feelgood delivered strong consumer appeal for us in 2012 across all media channels, with especially excellent response rates digitally. The positioning helped us to successfully reinforce all the positive reasons why consumers eat salad, rather than solely focusing on diet. Our brand investment this year will focus on two key growth opportunities that we have used our category management insight to identify: motivating salad selectors, as well as inspiring salad adorers and acceptors.”

A motivating media mix

High-res-Florette-logoA combination of TV, national press advertising, retailer-targeted outdoor advertising and an extensive package of digital activity, will position the Florette brand in front of 37 million adults and 19 million ABC1 adults. But it is the campaign’s tight targeting that is the fresh approach for this year as Elaine Smith adds: “Driving frequency of purchase is especially significant this summer because we don’t have the same packed schedule of sporting celebrations. Our campaign is carefully designed and timed to motivate salad selectors – who we know from our research are driven by the summer weather, social events and family gatherings – by ensuring that when the sun is shining Florette salad will be front of mind.”

This engagement will be achieved through three major bursts of TV advertising that will also include smart ‘sunshine planning’ criteria that enables Florette to weight on-air presence subject to sunshine levels.

The campaign’s digital support has also been designed to reach consumers whilst they are in this ‘sunny salad days’ mind-set. Florette will be combining geographic targeting with the real-time capabilities of digital channels, to drop brand messages into those parts of the country that are enjoying the sunshine. A thread of SEO activity, online recipe site and Facebook advertising will also drive brand awareness – whatever the weather.


Inspiring creativity

Florette’s second focus of activity for the year will be about inspiring salad adorers and acceptors, driving frequency of purchase by helping to foster creativity in the kitchen and on the plate.

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