FOLLOWING the success of its microwave slices, Wall’s Pastry is launching the range into UK Asda stores with the additional development of two new flavours.

The nationwide launch, will include Wall’s Mexican Chicken Fajita Slice and Chilli Beef Burrito Slice as well as two new flavour profiles – Nacho Chilli Cheese and Piri-Piri Chicken. The slices are a modern twist on the brand’s traditional core products, showcasing flavours from around the world, and can be consumed both at home and on-the-go.

The Nacho Chilli Cheese and Mexican Chicken Fajita slices will launch into selected Asda forecourts from 22 March and the Chicken Piri-Piri and Chilli Beef Burrito slices will launch into selected Asda stores from 19 April.

Mike Holton, brand manager at Wall’s Pastry said: “The microwave slices were developed to fit into everyday busy routines, as they make the perfect working from home or office lunch as well as a satisfying meal alternative for teenagers and students. We are delighted to be launching the popular range into Asda stores, along with two additional new and exciting flavours inspired from around the world, while offering a snack that can be heated and consumed on-the-go.”

The microwave slices, which have been developed by Addo Food Group on behalf of Wall’s Pastry, first launched into UK Tesco stores in 2020 and are designed to be heated in the microwave or consumed straight off the shelf.

The Mexican Chicken Fajita Slice is filled with pieces of succulent chicken and mature cheddar cheese blended with mixed peppers, smoked paprika, cumin, chilli and a hint of garlic. The 180g slice has 21.6g of protein, 13.5g of fat and contains 432 calories. The Nacho Chilli Cheese Slice is made with sweet potato and mature cheddar cheese, blended with beans and green chillies, and contains 15g of protein, 16g of fat and 448 calories.

The Chilli Beef Burrito Slice is made with tender beef and fresh red peppers with a blend of smoked paprika, chipotle and jalapeno spicing. The 180g slice contains 15g of protein, 12.4g of fat and 382 calories. All the slices are wrapped in an extra-tasty light puff pastry, with the Piri-Piri Slice filled with succulent chicken, sweetcorn and peppers in a Piri-Piri marinade, containing 15.8g of protein,10.8g of fat and 396 calories.

Mike added: “After an overwhelmingly positive response to the first launch of our micro range, we wanted to expand on the products to offer a wider selection of world flavours, while continuing to challenge the traditional flavour profiles that are available in the chilled savoury pastry market.

“The range provides quick and hot snacking alternatives that really deliver on taste. Whether it’s to satisfy a hungry moment, a quick meal or a light lunch, these tasty and flavoursome fridge-staples are perfect for all snacking occasions.”

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