Walkers, the number one savoury snacking brand has been supporting the launch of its ‘Choose or Lose!’ campaign with a new TV advert that launched on the 28th August and will be on air for six weeks. Walkers is making the courageous move of putting some of its favourite flavours in jeopardy by offering customers the chance to keep their favourite flavours or swap them for a brand new flavour; which is a firm favourite from another country.

The ‘Choose or Lose!’ campaign was launched at the end of July to give customers the chance to decide the fate of some of Walkers most popular flavours. From the 14th August – 22nd October, shoppers will be able to vote between classic and new flavours either by purchasing a single pack or voting online. The decision will be between three classic flavours and three new flavours: Salt & Vinegar will be challenged by Lime & Black Pepper from Australia; Prawn Cocktail is taking on Paprika from Spain; and Smoky Bacon versus Bacon & Cheddar from the USA. The outcome will be determined by single packs bought in store (80%) and by the online vote (20%), leaving the decision firmly in the nation’s hands.

The thrilling new advert features a woman who is selecting a packet of Walkers crisps from a store. Not knowing which packet of crisps to choose, suddenly she is thrown into a gameshow hosted by Gary Lineker with an audience split into two sets of supporters: Salt & Vinegar, and Lime & Black Pepper, both encouraging the woman to choose their flavour. Torn between both flavours, the drama and tension builds but finally after an anticipated wait she selects Lime & Black Pepper, much to Gary’s shock with the Lime & Black Pepper fans going wild with excitement. The camera takes her back to the shop floor, where the Salt & Vinegar packs have disappeared from the display.

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