Volvic, the popular water brand from Danone, is kicking off its biggest marketing campaign to date this summer across its flavoured waters range, comprising Volvic Touch of Fruit and Volvic Juiced. This major initiative, ‘Let It Out’, reaches out to consumers through multiple channels to raise awareness and ultimately drive penetration.

The opportunity for retailers is huge, explains Adrienne Toner, Senior Brand Manager at Volvic: “Health is one of the big trends at the moment. We know consumers are actively moving away from sugary carbonated drinks into soft drinks that they view as healthier. However, we also know not everyone enjoys the taste of plain water.

That’s where our Volvic flavoured waters range comes in, as it perfectly fills this gap.”

Backed by an investment of over £3million, ‘Let It Out’ is a product-led campaign told in a way that emotionally connects with the millennial target audience. Volvic believes that life is better when we approach it with positivity and it takes inner strength to choose to approach everyday moments of frustration with optimism and a sense of humour. Based on this, our ‘Let It Out’ campaign is set to inspire consumers to “let out” their optimism and positivity whilst enticing them to ‘let out’ the deliciousness inside every bottle of Touch of fruit and Juiced.

The campaign is running from 17th July until the end of August. The details include: A complete packaging-refresh across Volvic Touch of Fruit and Volvic Juiced, dialling up visually the aspects of great taste and naturality.

The brand’s biggest Out Of Home advertising campaign yet, with displays never more than 10 metres away from point of purchase.

Three new TV sponsorship idents showing how people ‘let out’ their inner optimism and see the positive in everyday moments of frustration.

These will be on air every day throughout the summer as part of Volvic’s on-going E4 sponsorship, shown alongside hit TV shows. A huge social media presence to engage with Volvic’s millennial target audience.

Youtube bumper ads targeting viewers with tailored content related to what they are watching.

A partnership with News UK, including a front page ad in The Sun for a free sample.

Large-scale depot and in-store takeovers in key retailers.

A nationwide experiential sampling campaign, which will visit three cities across the UK.

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