Many supermarkets and retail parks offer free parking as a value-added benefit for their customers, but keeping those spaces solely for the use of their customers is a problem many retailers face. The METRIC solution? VivoPark.


This award-winning system uses ANPR to create a barrier-less, free-flowing parking experience which can be used for pay-on-foot, free and discounted parking.

At the core of the VivoPark solution is a simple process which has minimal impact on the customer’s journey, ensuring their shopping experience remains smooth and positive.

While the process for customers is simple, the technology behind it is complex. When a customer enters the barrier-free car park their vehicle registration details are captured by ANPR cameras that submits the data to the server. Customers complete their shopping and at the till are given a voucher by the cashier. To validate their parking, the customer uses a METRIC ViTouch or Elite LS parking terminal and follow the instructions on screen. Customers simply input their car registration, select their vehicle from images on screen and scan the voucher to validate their free parking or to get a discount on their parking fee. When they leave the car park the ANPR captures their details again and matches them against the entry details and the validation.

METRIC offer a choice of two parking terminals with the VivoPark System – the ViTouch with large touch screen interface for quick and easy validation of free parking; or the Elite LS with HD colour screen and full alpha numeric keypad for discounted parking.

The VivoPark system has been successfully deployed at a number of stores for a major supermarket retailer. Results have been fantastic with one store freeing up 3000 spaces a week for paying customers.

The success of this solution was recognised at this year’s British Parking Awards where it picked up the accolade for Parking Technology Award 2015.

VivoPark works as it engages with your customer, enhancing the retail experience whilst deterring non-paying visitors from using your car park. Whether a supermarket, a shopping centre or a retail park, VivoPark integrates into any car park that requires a barrier-free solution.

In addition to the award winning Vivopark product, METRIC are best known as market leaders for pay and display parking terminals, with over 60,000 installed worldwide. METRIC are the number one UK manufacturer with a network of engineers offering the best possible customer service. The METRIC Elite range of parking terminals provides the operator with a variety of options to control parking. Pay-and-display is deployed to control the majority of parking both on and off-street. The METRIC Elite machine has now evolved to provide all possible payment options for the parking operator.

Pay on foot is also a considerable part of our portfolio; the X-parc solution combines innovative design with industry leading software for a seamless parking management system. The sleek X-lane entry and exit terminal ergonomically integrates into any site, while the DDA-inspired inclusively designed X-pay paystation has the option of two colour touchscreens for added usability. The X-parc solution strives to serve all markets with both the customer and manager in mind, the system is highly user-friendly while providing superior control and money collection features. This solution is also fully IP enabled and equipped with the most recent electronic payment options available.

A growing part of METRIC’s business is cash management; METRIC are the exclusive UK suppliers of Glory cash management solutions including CASHINFINITY. Cash handling within the Retail sector is costly and requires significant staff resources at all steps of the process. That’s why accuracy, efficiency and security are important. The Retail sector is very diverse, and therefore a complete range of solutions is necessary to cater to the specific needs of cash operating environments. The CASHINFINITY secure closed cash management solution consists of the point of sale CI-10 compact cash recycling system, the CI-100 back office cash recycling system and the CI-SERVER cash management software. This handles all cash operations from point of sale to back office. An interface cassette enables secure closed note collection and replenishment throughout the store.

Integrating CASHINFINITY guarantees a secure end to end closed cash management solution. CASHINFINTY utilises customers’ existing POS system networks so there is no need to invest in additional infrastructure.

For the retail industry, METRIC also has a range of modern, ergonomic and robust mobile PDA’s tablet and POS devices that effectively record and process complex information improving business efficiency. Unique features such as integrated printer and landscape display help to meet today’s customer requirements.

METRIC are an enviable position of offering a comprehensive range of parking management solutions, alongside ticketing, retail, logistics and cash management products within their portfolio, providing customers with balanced advice and the best solution for their estate.


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