When you think about jobs in the food industry, can you come up with anything other than a chef, teacher or nutritionist? If so, well done! The industry is huge and there are a wide range of jobs available to suit your skills and interests. With excellent career prospects in a fast moving industry, you will never be bored in the food and FMCG industries.


The real roles(rolls?)

With so many jobs to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start in the industry. We’ve looked through some of the roles that are available across the country to give you an idea.

In a production manager job, you will be involved with the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes. Depending on the company and the products you are responsible for, you will be managing a large team and the materials needed for production needs, as well as ensuring all products are produced efficiently, in the right amounts, to the right standards and at the most cost efficient rate. Experience in other areas of production is needed so you have a strong understanding of processes and working with others to get the best results.

A quality manager’s focus on ensuring a product or service is fit for purpose, meeting both internal and external requirements and demand. This means every product has to be consistent and legally compliant and quality managers will inspect all aspects of production, design and storage to ensure all practises are being adhered to properly. Reports on the effectiveness of processes and products also form a part of your role.

A retail buyer is a role away from the production process and is more about finding the right products that will appeal to the mass market. You will be focusing on meeting consumer demand – taking into account price, quality and availability – working within marketing trends, store policy and financial budgets. This role is connected to the food industry from a retail perspective and has a lot more interaction with the mass market than the others listed. If you enjoy working in a customer focused role, this could be the one for you.

The right ingredients for success

A passion for the food industry is important for any role you look for. With the industry moving at such a fast pace every day, you will need to be prepared to change and adapt to changes in the market as they happen.

You don’t have to go to university for every role in the industry but a food science, or other related degree, will be a huge advantage in any job search. You will need to be target driven and be able to work to very strict deadlines at all times. Working in a team is also essential to make sure all products are produced, delivered and are available for purchase and consumption.

If you want to be a part of a crucial, growing and ever changing industry, then the Food and FMCG industry might be right. At iNTECH, you can find a range of roles suited to you and your situation and we can provide advice to get you started.



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