Following calls for a patriotic economic policy last week from Ed Miliband, UK Point of Sale (UK POS) has thrown its support behind the Made in Britain campaign developed by Stoves, which was launched to encourage UK businesses to promote and display the official ‘Made in Britain’ logo on its products.

In an effort to support and highlight the importance of British manufacturing, UK POS will be adopting the ‘Made in Britain’ logo and displaying it alongside products which are manufactured from acrylic and PVC at its site in Greater Manchester.

Since the start of the recession, the way in which retailers operate has drastically changed. UK POS has recognised this and seeks to offer a flexible and responsive service, which can be achieved by encouraging manufacturing to take place in Britain. This is not only of benefit to the manufacturer, but to the customer and the country, as supporting the ‘Made in Britain ‘ campaign seeks to boost the UK’s economy.

Debra Jamieson, Sales and Marketing Director at UK POS, commented: “We have been an established manufacturer in the UK for almost 25 years, and the majority of our key products are fully made here. It is our aim in 2012 to support the British economy and British companies and supply point of sale products that offer great quality at a great price.”

“We realise that, in the current climate, we are unable to source all materials from Britain when trying to offer our customers great value. However, we support the patriotic economic policy proposed by Ed Miliband and will be displaying the logo next to all products in our catalogue that are manufactured here, and hope that this portfolio of products will expand in the future to include our entire point of sale range.”

Having been established for almost 25 years, UK POS has identified the needs of its customers in the UK, and responded by insuring that the manufacturing of key product lines takes place in Britain. This means that products can be turned around quickly and UK POS can offer flexibility to its customers.


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