press-7North Yorkshire Based Food Producers Continues to Innovate.

Richmond based Holmesterne Foods is launching a range of shredded meats that meet the demands of both food service and retail customers. Their 140 strong workforce already supplies a wide range of quality pork ribs, sausages, meatballs roasted vegetables and ready meals ingredients to the major UK multiples and the food service industry.

Holmesterne’s Development Chef, Kevin Hacking explains: “Shredded meats continue to grow in popularity. They offer a greater surface area and volume per portion and this allows the flavors to develop on the palate and for sauces and flavorings to adhere to the meat for huge flavor impact.”

“Shredded meat can also add value to your GP (gross profit) as your quality meat can stretch further, for example, a standard dice, may well shrink and look poor value for money, with the shredded the meat shreds naturally along the grain, you get a tender product that visibly looks more and can be used in a range of products from sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads.”

“Shredded meat is an important element of both Asian and Mexican cooking, duck being a classic staple of Chinese menus and there’s a wealth of Mexican inspired products from enchiladas to tacos.”

Holmesterne use quality farm assured meat that is cooked to a high standard and shredded. No additives or preservatives are added.  Currently Holmesterne offer shredded pork, duck, beef and chicken – and other meats can be processed to spec.
Holmesterne are keen to invest in new product development and keep one step ahead in innovation, which they believe is the key to success.

Holmesterne Foods, was formed in 1994 by Martin Sterne and Keith Tindell who collectively have over 50 years experience within private and public quoted food businesses.

“Keeping on top of consumer trends, is key to our business. We were one of the businesses to spot the potential of twice braised pork & lamb shanks. I think there is good business to be made from shredded meats and I’m happy to offer that service at Holmesterne,” explains Mr. Tindell.

Holmesterne Foods

Keith Tindell

Tel: 01748 818283

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