c-note-10.jpgA company that specializes in equipment designed to count and detect forged currency banknotes is warning that there could be an avalanche of counterfeit currencies swamping the UK in the run-up to and during the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London and around the UK. Anglo-Tech Services Ltd, which pioneered the all currency, Check-A-Note forgery detector now in common use in the UK and Europe, says that it is receiving significantly increased enquiries from all types and size of business and traders anxious to avoid falling prey to the counterfeiters.

“There are many devices on the market that claim to detect forged Banknotes and usually for one currency only for example, Sterling, Euro, US or Hong Kong Dollars,” says Managing Director David Critchley, “but to be absolutely certain, traders need to invest in the best technology available.”

His company is offering two new Multi-Scan devices, models 135 and 200, which Critchley claims are virtually foolproof, use software that can be updated online and include the high level ‘four-fold’ detection process, which can verify multi-currencies.

The Multi-Scan 200 checks Euros, US dollars and British pounds and can even detect a forged ‘Super $100 bill’. It is claimed to be 100 percent reliable, displays denomination, value and totals of each currency counted and has been tested at the Dutch National Bank. All told, this equipment can be configured to verify genuine notes or spot forgeries in up to 23 different currencies.

The Multi-Scan 135 is a device that verifies British pounds and 2007 issue Scottish pounds, or British pounds and Euro in the same machine. When a forgery is detected the device emits an audible and visual alarm and returns the note to the cashier. When a genuine note is detected, the device shows the denomination value in the screen and can add this to a total count. This device has also been tested by the Dutch National Bank. Please visit our website for more machines and options at www.anglo-tech.com

Anglo-Tech Services is a British company based in Somerset.

Anglo-Tech Services Ltd

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