It goes without saying that for first class catering health and hygiene are at the top of the agenda and excellent food and service comes from an excellent food safety record. HACCP regulations indicate that dishwashers should remain at no less than 82?C in order to suitably sterilise plates, cutlery and cooking utensils.

Caterers need to know that the equipment they use and the crockery they serve from are 100% clean – not only to add to the presentation of the food served, but perhaps more importantly for health and safety reasons. Correctly monitoring this in an aquatic environment can often prove complicated, and the hostile environment of a dishwasher mean that loggers must be robust and durable.

Gemini Data Loggers provide the solution to this problem by reliably monitoring temperatures in appliances such as dishwashers and ‘pot washes’ through their new and improved Tinytag data loggers.

One company more than familiar with monitoring temperature is Whirlpool France, who manufactures domestic washing and cleaning appliances and also offers a repair and maintenance service to customers.

Spokesperson Gautier Arnauld Des Lions was eager to praise the innovative Tinytag devices and commented: “Not only do our technicians use the loggers in their general work but we’re also pleased to recommend their usage to customers. Our workshop technicians also rely on the data loggers in testing products.”

Whirlpool technicians are also benefiting from the simplicity the Gemini products have to offer, Gautier added: “The loggers are transportable and battery-operated so technicians haven’t got to visit their customers with a laptop, they just have to put the logger in the product for the test and analyse the results back at the office. In essence, repairing has become child’s play thanks to the Tinytag loggers.”

Tinytag data loggers are compact, rugged and robust, meaning they are well suited to the movements that occur in dishwashers. Housed in a waterproof case, the loggers can store reliable data that can be downloaded via USB or serial cable to the Tinytag Explorer software which can create graphs, tables and reports for inspection purposes. This reduces labour time, and creates minimal disruption, allowing catering companies to get on with more important jobs with peace of mind.

Gemini Data Loggers


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